“Jam” with your colleagues over lunch!

Michelle Kraft jammin'
Michelle Kraft jammin’

On Sunday October 7, 2018, you can “Jam” with your colleagues over lunch on a topic of interest! The conference registration form provides the opportunity to select a Jam Session table topic. Take a look at the list of topics below and find one you’d like to discuss with your colleagues. Interested in being a Jam Session table topic moderator? When you register for the conference and choose a topic, select ‘Yes’ to indicate you are interested in moderating.

Choosing a Jam Session is optional, but we hope you find one that captures your interest!

Questions? Contact Edith Starbuck at edith.starbuck@uc.edu

Jam Session Table Topics:

  1. Budget realities – discuss making the most of your budget situation; share successes in getting funding for specific initiatives
  2. Data mining and/or data management – does your organization have data mining or data management initiatives and how involved are librarians with these initiatives?
  3. Emerging library technology trends – is this equally relevant for hospital and academic librarians and how to keep up
  4. Evidence Based Practice/best practices for library operations – purchasing, collection development, staffing, service models, etc.
  5. Integration into your organization – are you fully integrated or considered ancillary support? Do you serve in additional capacities beyond the library?
  6. MLA Research Training Institute One Year In – faculty member Mark MacEachern leads a discussion about the RTI experience with a look toward the future.
  7. Organization support for doing and publishing research – discuss expectations, support, and fitting it into the work schedule.
  8. Research data based outreach initiatives – does your institution partner with other institutions to do local outreach based on patient and neighborhood data? Does the library play a role in these initiatives?
  9. Research Works in Progress: the MLA RTI Participant Perspective – Margaret Hoogland and Liz Suelzer will lead an informal discussion about your plans or ideas for library-related research projects and will share their current RTI research topics.
  10. Systematic reviews – discuss management, authorship, challenges, rewards
  11. Anything goes – suggest a topic and have fun

For a printable list of options, click Jam Sessions.

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