Walk This Way!

Join us for “Walk This Way” morning walks! See historic landmarks and other popular sites around Cleveland with a different route each morning.  Meet in The Westin lobby at 6 am.  Walking begins promptly at 6:05am. We will be walking just under 2 miles for 45-50 min at approximately 2.4mi/hr.  Not an overly fast pace, but not a sightseeing stroll either.

Sat Oct 6: E. 9th St. to Prospect
Sun Oct 7: E. 9th St. to Huron
Mon Oct 8: North Coast Harbor
Feel free to walk only as much of the route as you like! 

Maps will be available as PDFs and as print copies at the conference Hospitality Table.

So take a big chance and Walk this Way!

For more information contact: Mary Miles at mmiles@ccf.org or Marilia Antunez at mantunez@uakron.edu

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