Thank You, and Good Night!

Mary Pat and I just want to say a final “thank you” to everyone who attended the Midwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association here in Cleveland. We had a BLAST and I hope you did too! From those who were “shakin’ their groove thang” on the dance floor with the band InCahootz, to our presenters and keynote speakers: you ALL made the conference a great success! We had a final count of 112 attendees and we had 32 companies or organizations exhibit their wares.  Many of the presentations, paper, and poster abstracts are available on the site, so in case you were busy rockin’ at one event, you can still roll into another one! Just look at the links above to find the content.

The fundraiser ended up bringing in $1,386 and folks voted for the cute little Northern Saw Whet as the owl to represent our chapter. I voted for this little critter too because his wide-eyed stare reminds me of when I attended a Rolling Stones concert years ago . . . not sure if it was the frenzy of the enormous crowd, seeing my 60s rock idols up close live and in person, or the ticket prices, but I can relate to his expression!!

Please be sure to come to Milwaukee, Wisconsin on October 4-7, 2019 to “Discover, Connect, Collaborate”! This will be a joint meeting of the Midwest Chapter of MLA, WHSLA and SWHSL. The keynote speaker is MK Czerwiec, a nurse who uses comics and graphic medicine to understand and improve patient care. We want to wish the 2019 committee all the best in their planning endeavors.

We are taking our final bow, so, from Cleveland . . . Thank you, and good night!