Nothing says Milwaukee like…


Our baseball team might soon be changing the name of their field but we will always be known for our breweries.  Whether you are looking forward to touring your favorite local brewery or you want to hop on a beer tour bus to get a view of several breweries in one day, Milwaukee has it all!

You can get started by checking out this list of 15 brewery tour sites from the folks at Visit Milwaukee:

Visit Milwaukee Brewery Tours

Have you gone on any Brewery Tour in Milwaukee?  Share your favorites in the comments below.



“Make it your Own” Research Retreat

New Saturday Session

In this first ever Midwest Chapter/MLA Research Retreat, we aim to give our library colleagues a chance to focus on their research interests. This retreat is for those who want to get started in conducting research, for those who are in the middle of their own projects, and for seasoned researchers who want to share their experiences and knowledge. Regardless of where you are in the research continuum, we invite you to join us in this dedicated and distraction free space to move forward on existing projects or begin new ones.

Morning and afternoon sessions will be available. These sessions will provide an opportunity for you to consult with colleagues to:

  • explore the literature for new articles or to support an existing research project
  • troubleshoot your methods with fellow participants
  • design your research timeline
  • begin preparing your Institutional Review Board proposal
  • put together figures and charts
  • work on writing up your results

We will be recruiting people to speak on various topics. If you have experience in research and would like to be a moderator for one of the retreat sessions, please contact Margaret Hoogland.  Fellows from the MLA Research Training Institute (RTI) are encouraged to participate.