Midwest MLA 2019 Paper & Poster winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Midwest MLA 2019 Paper & Poster awards!

Research Poster Awards


 Measuring the Impact of a Systematic Review Service
Authors: Jennifer DeBerg, Heather Healy, Matthew Regan, Chris Childs; Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, University of Iowa Libraries

Honorable Mention

The expectations, priorities, and preferences of students with disabilities when seeking  accessibility information on academic library websites
Author: Amelia Brunskill; University of Illinois at Chicago

Research Paper Awards


Still feeling the effects: a citation analysis of the highly cited, retracted article on MMR vaccines and autism
Authors: Elizabeth Suelzer, Jennifer Deal, Karen Hanus, Barbara Ruggeri, Rita Sieracki, Elizabeth Witkowski; Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries, Advocate Aurora, Carroll University

Honorable Mention

How are researchers documenting their day-to-day activities?
Authors: Merle Rosenzweig, Marci Brandenburg, Scott Martin, Leena Lalwanim, Mark MacEachern, Yulia Sefvryugina; Taubman Health Sciences Library, University of Michigan

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