Zoom tips for presenters

Zoom Tips For the Presente

Equipment Set Up

  • Download the Zoom desktop appliction and encourage guests to do the same.
  • Decide whether you will use one monitor or two monitors.
  • Put on a headset and microphone if you have them, to reduce background noise.
  • Test your audio and video.
  • Close unnecessary tabs in your browser and turn off notifications such as e-mail or messaging.

Tips for the Presenter/Host

  • Make sure the lighting in your room comes from the side or in front of you.
  •  Your background should be simple without distractions.
  • Have your computer camera as level and close to your face as possible.
  • Look directly at the camera so the participants feel the conversation is aimed at them.
  • Introduce yourself or have the moderator do this.
  • Describe what is on your screen with descriptive directions  (e.g. “notice this”) and indicate the location on the screen to better focus the audience.
  • Using Chat in Zoom meetings.
  • For the Chat, it is preferable to have a Chat monitor appointed before the session. 
  • You can choose to mute the audience’s microphones and also unmute them at any point during your presentation.
  • Presenter/Host Window
  • By clicking on Manage Participants in the window above the presenter/host can choose to mute or unmute the attendees
  • By clicking on Participants in the window above the presenter/host can choose to mute or unmute the attendees, view chat, activate Share Screen, have participants take part in a pool, record the session, turn on Closed Captioning/Live Transcript, and setup Breakout Rooms.
  • To activate the Closed Captioning/Live Transcript, click on the CC icon.
  • More on using Closed Captioning.  
  • Remember to begin recording the session by clicking the icon at the bottom of the presenter/host the Zoom window. 

Host Meeting Controls