Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall assist the Treasurer in preparing the annual budget. It shall work with chapter officers and committee chairs to ensure that the activities of the chapter, including annual meetings, are appropriately funded. The committee shall make recommendations to the Executive Board on all policies relating to finance. It shall document finance policies and procedures on the chapter website and in other relevant publications. The committee chair shall prepare a report for each Executive Board Meeting and submit appropriate documentation to the chapter Archives.

The Finance Committee shall consist of the Treasurer, who serves as Chair, plus at least three members appointed to serve a two-year term by the President. One member is to be appointed in even numbered years. Two members are to be appointed in odd numbered years.

Kathryn Mlsna, Treasurer* (Oct 2018-Oct 2019)
Caitlin Bakker, Wild Apricot (Oct 2017-Oct 2019)
Tina Griffin, Financial Liaison to Annual Meetings (Oct 2017-Oct 2019)
James Bulger, Co-Liaison to Annual Meetings (Oct 2017-Oct 2018)

*Treasurer serves as chair.