Spring 2019 Issue 151

Welcome to a beautiful Spring! This issue is packed full of information about new members, new librarians, recent publications, MLA conference presentations, the up-coming Midwest Chapter/MLA meeting in Milwaukee and the Mid-Michigan Chapter of MHSLA annual meeting in Lansing.  There is even a wild article about award and scholarship opportunities for Milwaukee!

Our next issue will be posted August 15, with a submission deadline of July 15. Start thinking about what to write!

Enjoy!  Liz Lyman and Joyce McFadden

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2019 MHSLA Annual Conference

The Mid-Michigan Chapter of the Michigan Health Sciences Libraries Association invites you to save the date for the 2019 MHSLA Annual Conference.

October 2-4, 2019. Radisson at the Capitol. Lansing, MI

Visit the conference website <https://sites.google.com/view/mhsla2019/mhsla2019> for more information about speakers, continuing education opportunities, and hotel and travel information.

We look forward to Connecting at the Capital this fall!

Submitted by Andrea Kepsel

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2019 Midwest Chapter/MLA Awards and Scholarships

Apply Today!

Growing up in the Milwaukee area, I didn’t always think of Harley Davidson motorcycles as exclusively “Milwaukee” but, now that I don’t live there, I don’t hear the loud “braap” and hum of Harley motorcycles nearly as often.  So I’m looking forward to the Chapter meeting this fall and can’t help but imagine driving down I-94 with Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf playing on the radio…

Get your motor runnin’

By applying for the First-Time Attendee Annual Meeting Grant.  If you haven’t attended the conference before and need some financial support, apply today.

Head out on the highway

If you need some help getting on the highway to the conference, check out the Annual Meeting Grant.

Lookin’ for adventure / and whatever comes our way

Library science students!  Experience an adventure of networking, learning, and having some fun with other library colleagues with a little extra cash in your pocket.  Apply for the Student Annual Meeting Grant!

Yeah Darlin’ go make it happen / Take the world in a love embrace

Do you know a librarian who has made it happen; someone who has made an amazing impact on the profession by serving the Midwest Chapter?  If so, nominate the person today for the Distinguished Librarian of the Year Award.

Fire all of your guns at once / and explode into space

Have you, your library, organization, or other group provided an out of this world service, program, technology, or other work that has improved delivery or management of health information?  Apply for the Jean Williams Sayre Innovation Award.  

Like a true nature’s child / We were born, born to be wild

We can climb so high / I never wanna die

Born to be wild / Born to be wild

Be wild – take a risk – apply for a Midwest Chapter/MLA meeting grant or award today.

For additional information, please contact Awards and Scholarships Committee, Midwest Chapter/MLA.  Email: awards@midwestmla.org

Submitted by Eileen Severson

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Midwest Chapter Contributions to 2019 MLA Annual Conference

Thanks to Merle for compiling this list of Midwest Chapter presenters at MLA. Pretty impressive! Note: If an institution is not designated, listed authors represent various libraries.


  • Activate Your Evidence-Based Practice Instruction!  Laura Menard, Hanna Schmillen, Kathryn Houk, Stephanie Swanberg
  • Active Learning and Librarians: An Evolving and Impactful Partnership. Bradley A. Long, Annie Cloud Nickum, Stephanie Schulte, Lori Snyder
  • Closing the Circle with Reflection: Elevating Professional Practice. Jolene M. Miller. University of Toledo
  • My Favorite Tool. Laura Menard. Indiana University
  • Searching Clinically: How to Search, Find, and Assess Information at the Point of Care, Part 2. Ellen Aaronson, Kerry Dhakal, Rebecca McCall, Jennifer Lyon
  • Using an Electronic Lab Notebook System to Promote Data Management Plans at an Academic Medical Center. Erin Foster, Beth Whipple


  • Data to Inform Precision Dentistry. Sarah Meyer & Chris Childs. University of Iowa
  • Developing a Controlled Vocabulary for Curriculum Mapping. Annie Nickum, Marcia Francis, Kelly Thormodson. University of North Dakota
  •  Development and Validation of a Search Filter in PubMed MEDLINE for Immigrant Health Disparities. Corinne Miller, Annie Wescott, Ramune Kubilius, Eileen Wafford. Northwestern University
  • Librarian Feedback Loops Improve Medical Student Self-Directed Learning. Jonathon Neist and Elizabeth Suelzer. Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Measuring the Impact of a Systematic Review Service. Jen Deberg, Matt Regan, Heather Healy & Chris Childs. University of Iowa
  • Simplifying the Process for Finding Research Funding: A Cross-Campus Collaboration at a Large Academic Institution. Merle Rosenzweig, Judy Smith, Amy Puffenberger, Ann Curtis, Chase Masters. University of Michigan
  • Understanding Our Impact: Analyzing Librarian Involvement with Systematic Reviews. Hannah Craven, Christi Piper, Kristina Palmer. Indiana University


  • Connecting with Rural Health Care Providers: What Information Do They Need and How Do They Search for It? Results of a Mixed Methods, Multiphase Assessment Project. Marcia Francis, Michael Skinner, Dawn Hackman, Erika Johnson, Kelly Thormodson
  • Elevating Library Learning: Implementing “Self-Directed Learning” as an Educational Framework. Stevo Roksandic, Kenneth Wright. Mount Carmel Health System
  • Increasing Visibility of Research in an Institutional Repository through NCBI LinkOut. Erin Foster. Indiana University
  • Integrating Evidence-Based Medicine Skills into a Medical School Curriculum: A Longitudinal Approach.Laura Menard, Amy Blevins, Kenneth Lazarus. Indiana University
  • Learning and Teaching Evidence-Based Chaplaincy. Kerry Dhakal. Ohio State University
  • Librarians and ECHO: Forging High-Impact Partnerships to Improve LGBTQ+ Health Care Outcomes. Laura Menard. Indiana University
  • Search Strategy Protocol Compliance and Reproducibility in Nursing Systematic Reviews. Kerry Dhakal. Ohio State University
  • Strategies for Library Mergers and Centralizing Library Services.Angela Spencer, Janet Lindsay Hobbs, Linda Schwartz, Patricia Ulmer, Heather J. Martin, Michelle Kraft, Michele Matucheski, Angela Tucker. Memorial Health System, Marietta, OH


  • Coping Strategies for Impostor Phenomenon among Health Sciences Librarians. Debra Werner, Michelle Bass, Liz Kellermeyer Jill Bar-Walker. University of Chicago
  • Developing an Interactive Tool to Assist in Complying with the NIH Public Access Policy. Merle Rosenzweig, Tyler Nix, Chase Masters. University of Michigan
  • How are researchers documenting their day-to-day activities?Merle Rosenzweig, Marci Brandenburg, Scott Martin, Leena Lalwani, Mark MacEachern, Yulia Sevryugina.  University of Michigan
  • How medical students discover and use medical information tools. Margaret Hoogland. University of Toledo
  • Virtual Reality: Elevating Teaching and Learning. Kellie Kaneshiro, Jason Lilly, Chelsea Misquith, & Brandon Dennett. Indiana University


  • Moderator: Merle Rosenzweig – University of Michigan Taubman Health Sciences Library, Connecting with Rural Health Care Providers: What Information Do They Need and How Do They Search for It? Results of a Mixed Methods, Multiphase Assessment Project. Marcia Francis, Michael Skinner, Dawn Hackman, Erika Johnson, Kelly Thormodson. University of North Dakota


Elevate Your Practice with Research: RTI Fellows and Faculty Share Their Experience Designing and Conducting Research

  • How medical students discover and use medical information tools. Margaret Hoogland. University of Toledo
  • The expectations, priorities, and preferences of students with disabilities when seeking   accessibility information on academic library websites. Amelia Brunskill. University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Still feeling the effects: a citation analysis of the highly cited, retracted article on MMR vaccines and autism.Elizabeth Suelzer. Medical College of Wisconsin


CE302 Teaching Critical Appraisal Skills.Instructor: Laura Menard. Indiana University

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Midwest Chapter/MLA well represented in MLA’s RTI Fellowship Program

At this year’s MLA Annual Conference 2019, three Midwest Chapter members shared their experiences in designing and conducting research during their 2018/2019 fellowship in the Research Training Institute (RTI). The “Elevate Your Practice with Research” session included panel discussions and poster presentations from the fellows.

Amelia Brunskill

Amelia Brunskill, MSIS, Information Services and Liaison Librarian, University of Illinois–Chicago (UIC), sat on a panel that discussed the IRB process. Amelia shared her experiences in working with the IRB, including lessons learned around necessary preparation for the process, expectations for qualitative research, and variations in guidance. She also presented her research poster “The Expectations, Priorities, and Preferences of Students with Disabilities When Seeking Accessibility Information on Academic Library Websites.” Amelia interviewed undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities to learn what information they would like included on a library’s webpage for users with disabilities. Some of her preliminary findings indicate that students would like to see information about the physical layout of the building, and sensory information like noise levels and lighting.

Margaret Hoogland

Margaret Hoogland, MLS, AHIP, Clinical Medical Librarian, University of Toledo Libraries, presented her research poster “How Medical Students Discover and Use Medical Information Tools.” Margaret’s project surveyed students to better understand the medical information needs of preclinical students. Students completed a survey, and some went on to take part in a discussion. With a better understanding of which information tools students are using and how they find out about these tools, librarians can better adapt their library sessions and conversations with students to introduce them to the available tools and services.

Liz Suelzer

Liz Suelzer, MLIS, AHIP, User Education & Reference Librarian, Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), participated in a panel that discussed the impact of the RTI. Liz said that the training provided by the RTI made her feel more prepared and comfortable in talking about the research process with faculty and students at her institution, and she could better empathize with those who are doing their own research projects. Liz also presented her research poster “Still Feeling the Effects: A Citation Analysis of the Highly Cited, Retracted Article on Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) Vaccines and Autism.” Her research project was a citation analysis to determine how authors cited the 1998 article by Andrew Wakefield. She discovered that although this is a highly cited paper, most of the time it was cited unfavorably. She also discovered that authors are not accurately referencing article retractions in their bibliographies.

Amelia, Margaret and Liz wish the 2019/2020 Midwest Chapter/MLA RTI fellows all the best in their year of research. Congratulations to:

  • Mary Pat Harnegie, AHIP, South Pointe Medical Library, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland OH
  • Rachel Hinrichs, AHIP, University Library, Indiana University-Purdue University–Indianapolis IN
  • Laura Menard, Ruth Lilly Medical Library, Indiana University–Indianapolis IN
  • Jolene Miller, AHIP, Mulford Health Science Library, University of Toledo, Toledo OH
  • Katherine Orze, Health Sciences Library, Loyola University Chicago, Chicago IL

If you are working on your own research, or want to learn more about doing research, join Liz and Margaret at the Research Retreat at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Midwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association. For details on the event, please contact Margaret Hoogland.

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New Medical Librarian!

Megan Keely Carroll Denis

Megan Keely Carroll Denis is a Research & Education Librarian and the Northeast Clinical Campus Librarian for the School of Medicine & Health Sciences, Library Resources Department at the University of North Dakota. In this position, Megan provides reference and research support and works collaboratively with faculty to plan and deliver course-integrated instruction for the medical education and physician assistants programs. Originally from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Megan attended St. Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana, and Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois. She has a bachelor of arts degree in English Literature and a master’s in Library and Information Science.

Submitted by Erika Johnson

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Announcements, Promotions, and Transitions


Beth Whipple from the Ruth Lilly Medical Library, Indiana University School of Medicine, recently had two articles published:

News from Mount Carmel Health Sciences Library. Spring 2019.

Stevo Roksandic, MBA MLIS AHIP, Regional Director of Mount Carmel Health System Library Services, and Kenneth Wright, MSLS, Health Sciences Librarian, presented Elevating Library Learning: Implementing “Self-Directed Learning” as an Educational Framework,on Sunday, May 5, at the 2019 MLA Annual Conference in Chicago, IL.

Stevo Roksandic and Allison Erlinger, RN/BSN, MLIS, AHIP, contributed the following chapters to Transforming Health Sciences Library Spaces:

  • Roksandic, S., & Erlinger, A. (2019a). Consumer Health Library Spaces: “If you build it, will they come?’. In A. Campbell (Ed.), Transforming health sciences library spaces (pp. 3-35). Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
  • Roksandic, S., & Erlinger, A. (2019b). Rethink, Redo, Repurpose: transforming the library space to meet clients’ needs. In A. Campbell (Ed.), Transforming health sciences library spaces (pp. 77-102). Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

Kaitlyn Humphrey, MLIS, has been promoted to Health Sciences Librarian.

Liz Lyman, MLIS, published the following review: 

Noreen Mulcahy, MLIS, AHIP, was elected as Chair-Elect of the Technical Services Section/MLA Membership Committee.

Submitted by Noreen Mulcahy.

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New Member Profiles

Caroline Allen

Caroline Allen is a librarian at the C.S. O’Brien Eye Library of the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics. She is responsible for reference, acquisitions, and publication tracking. Her professional interests include research support, evidence-based practice, and scholarly communications. Caroline earned an undergraduate degree in English from the University of Iowa and an MLIS (2018) from the university’s School of Library and Information Science. Her personal hobbies and interests include writing, boxing, reading, knitting, and sewing.

Emily Cukier

Emily Cukier is a graduate student at Dominican University and works at the Rebecca Crown Library. Her professional interests include clinical trials, clinical informatics, and regulatory affairs. This East Lansing, Michigan, native has an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Harvey Mudd College (2003) and a M.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Chicago (2005). She states that “Librarianship is a second career for me after working as a reporter and consultant in the pharmaceutical industry. I’m excited to learn more about how librarianship and good information management practices can help advance science, medicine and research.” Emily is “a fan of cooking, knitting and other craftwork, playing jazz on the double bass and a cappella singing.”

Terry Duncan is a graduate student in the online Master of Science in Library Science program offered through the School of Information Science at the University of Kentucky.

Pamela Hatch is the Medical Librarian at the OSF Healthcare / St. Anthony Medical Center Medical Library. She is responsible for maintaining the branch, performing literature searches, handling article requests and eTOCs, and collection development. Her professional interests include collection development, outreach, and mentoring. A native of Birmingham, Alabama, Pamela received her MLS from the University of Alabama. Her hobbies and interests include writing poetry and Christian romances, and the healing properties of essential oils. She adds, “Been in libraries since the age of 7 – served in church libraries, public libraries, medical libraries, and state library of Alabama – I love libraries.”

Stephanie Henderson

Stephanie Henderson is the Nursing Liaison Librarian at the Medical Center Library of the University of Kentucky. She says that in the course of her job “I answer reference questions, perform complex literature searches, give instruction on how to best utilize the library resources and I participate in systematic review teams.”  She also has earned the Consumer Health Information Specialization from MLA. Stephanie earned her undergraduate degree in Biology from Berea College, and her MLS from the University of South Florida (2004). She enjoys traveling with her husband and three children. This Somerset, Kentucky, native adds that “I have worked in academic libraries in Tennessee, Florida, Ohio and Kentucky.  I started my position at the University of Kentucky in January of 2019. I am thrilled to be back in my home state.”

LaTeesa James is a Health Sciences Informationist at Taubman Health Sciences Library, University of Michigan. When asked about her main responsibilities, she shared that “I partner with our health sciences schools and Michigan Medicine to advance the research, academic, and clinical enterprises of the university. I focus on teaching, curriculum integration, and systematic searching. I am also the informationist for Obstetrics and Gynecology.” LaTeesa has a Master’s in Communication Pedagogy from Wayne State University College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts. In 2017 she received her MLIS from Wayne State University School of Library and Information Science. Her home town is Northville, Michigan. She enjoys “reading, traveling and spending time with my husband and 2 children.”

Sara Samuel

Sara Samuel is an Informationist at Taubman Health Sciences Library, University of Michigan. She is a liaison to the Rogel Cancer Center, the Hematology & Oncology Department, and the Radiation Oncology Department. She is interested in “data management/sharing education, research impact, and in learning more about [ontologies, taxonomies, and classifications].” She received a BA in Computer Science and Communications from Hope College, and, in 2009, she received a Master of Science in Information (MSI) from the University of Michigan School of Information. Her hobbies and personal interests include “listening to podcasts (my favorites are Radiolab, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, This American Life, and Freakonomics), reading and listening to audiobooks (fantasy and sci fi are my favorite genres), going on walks/jogs and, more recently, learning how to take care of a growing baby (currently almost 7 months old).” She adds, “Prior to my current position I worked for a couple years with think tank that is doing research in the area of manufacturing, and prior to that I was an engineering librarian for 7 years.“ ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6808-2514

Julia Stumpff is an Instructional Design Librarian at the Ruth Lilly Medical Library, Indiana University School of Medicine. Her main responsibilities include reference, instruction, systematic reviews, and serving as a liaison to the department of Graduate Medical Education, several academic departments, and as liaison to other IU School of Medicine campuses. Her professional interests include travel, especially international travel. Julia’s undergraduate degree in History is from Denison University, and she has a MSLIS from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Born in Warrensburg, Missouri, she now lives in Columbus, IN. She states, “I attended one Midwest Chapter annual meeting in Springfield, Illinois, almost 20 years ago.  I began my career as an academic medical librarian at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I then stepped out to stay home with kids, re-entered as a community college librarian, and am now pleased to be back in academic medical librarianship.”

Submitted by Mary Taylor

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Save the date for the Midwest Chapter/MLA 2019 Annual Conference

Discover, Connect. Collaborate – Milwaukee, WI October 4-7, 2019

On behalf of the Midwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association, the Wisconsin Health Science Library Association and the Southeastern Wisconsin Health Sciences Libraries Consortium, we invite you to Milwaukee for the upcoming Midwest Chapter/MLA 2019 annual meeting. The meeting will be held at the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee where you will have the opportunity discover, connect and collaborate with your colleagues in a stellar conference experience.


The keynote speaker is MK Czerwiec (Zurwick), RN, MA, aka Comic Nurse. Czerwiec is the artist in residence at the Feinberg Northwestern School of Medicine in Chicago, co-founder of graphicmedicine.org, and a leader in the field of connecting clinicians, patients, and practitioners through narrative medicine and telling their stories.  

New this year is a Saturday Research Retreat where we aim to give our library colleagues a chance to focus on their research interests. Regardless of where you are in the research continuum, we invite you to join us in this dedicated and distraction free space to move forward on existing projects or begin new ones.

The Sunday evening social event will be dinner and exploration at the Harley Davidson Museum®, a Milwaukee icon. Purchase an extra ticket to bring along a guest! One of the museum’s many exhibits includes a display of classic Harley-Davidson motorcycles from their first five decades. In another exhibit you can experience the feel of riding a Harley-Davidson while sitting on an actual hog and immersing yourself in the video of the open road.

Milwaukee is a great city to visit in the fall. The weather is mild, the leaves are usually starting to turn color, and we take Oktoberfest seriously. Milwaukee’s largest Oktoberfest is scheduled for the same weekend  as our conference just blocks from the conference hotel at our new Fiserv Forum, home of the Milwaukee Bucks. To learn more about how Milwaukee got the nickname Brew City, take some time to go on a brewery tour.


Discover Milwaukee through our new streetcar, which has free fares in 2019. While you are here, visit the Milwaukee Public Museum, the Milwaukee Art Museum, or take a stroll down the Milwaukee RiverWalk and say hi to the Bronze Fonz. Try your luck at Potawatomi Casino, view the Les Paul exhibit at Discovery World, or visit the penguins at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Stay tuned to the Midwest Chapter/MLA 2019 Conference website for conference updates, to find out when registration opens, and to learn more about Milwaukee attractions.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Milwaukee this fall!

~2019 Midwest Chapter/MLA Planning Committee

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