Winter 2014 Issue, Number 132

It’s that time again! Welcome to the Winter 2014 issue of MIDLINE. If this publication was issued in print, it would be bursting at the seams with good stuff! We have our regular columns including the President’s message (complete with baby picture!!!), conference & award announcements, new member profiles, and lots of regional news to share. In this issue we’ll also wish everyone’s friend and colleague, Ruth Holst of the GMR, a happy retirement. In her honor, this issue also features an article about emergency preparedness for libraries.

Now enjoy this picture of a particularly lovely winter day in eastern North Dakota.

Photo of a snowy field in North Dakota

Photo credit: Dustin Lang


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Message from the President

Submitted by Liz Fine Weinfurter, Midwest Chapter/MLA President 2014

Midwest Chapter President Liz Fine WeinfurterGreetings from the Polar Vortex, hearty Midwest Chapterners!   I’m writing this in January, so I’m hoping it’s not quite as bad at press time in February.  So far in Minnesota we’ve had days with air temperatures of -20 and wind chills of minus a bajillion degrees, so hopefully things can only get better.

Meanwhile, I know we’ve all been keeping warm by staying busy!  A few updates from the Board:

The ongoing saga of attempting to get our money back from Acteva continues. Brief recap – near the end of 2012, Acteva, the company with which we contracted for a meeting & membership management and money-collection platform, stopped sending us the money they had collected for 2012 meeting registrations and 2013 membership dues, to the tune of approximately $23,000.  After working with MLA’s attorney and Acteva and only getting $7200 back, we have proceeded with a collections attorney to pursue recouping the $15,929 we are owed. Worst case, we will be out $1400 in attorney and court fees, and best case we will recover $11,947 (75% of the amount owed). The Board felt that aggressively pursuing recovery of the funds was a step we needed to take, since that number represents a large percentage of our treasury. Luckily, due to the diligence of recent conference planners, we are not in danger of imminent financial collapse, but the loss of this income means we must be very careful with our resources. Stay tuned and cross your fingers for a happy ending.

Big thanks to the Board for their collective wisdom in dealing with this unfortunate situation, and especially to our Treasurer, Amy Donahue, who has continuously gone above and beyond in serving as the contact person for all things Acteva.

As a result of the Acteva Situation, the Board is looking very closely at Chapter finances, and taking our responsibility to be good stewards of our resources very seriously.  Instead of an in-person spring Board meeting, which is a great opportunity but a large expense, we will be using virtual methods to conduct business earlier in the spring, and meeting in person at MLA in Chicago.  Since most of the Board members will be attending MLA anyway, this will result in greatly reduced costs.  We are also taking this opportunity to think critically about the Chapter’s financial structure, especially the Chapter’s income sources.  Stay tuned for thoughts and recommendations from the Board

The Acteva Situation has presented major challenges, to say the least.  On the bright side, I think it’s also the push we need to assess the way our finances work, so that we can make adjustments to ensure long-term sustainability, and preserve the thing I have always loved about the chapter – great benefit to members at low cost.  Thank you for trusting us with this important work!

Whew, that was a lot of heavy financial talk!  What’s that you say?  You want a baby picture?  Well, okay, if you insist…

Picture of First Baby, AutumnKeep working your magic, Chapter members!

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Retirement Announcement

Submitted by Kathryn H. Carpenter, Director, Greater Midwest Region, National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Chicago, IL

Dear colleagues:

My best wishes for a happy, healthy New Year in 2014!

I am writing to announce that Ruth Holst will retire as Associate Director of the Greater Midwest Region of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine on April 30, 2014, and to invite you to join me in congratulating her on 12 years of distinguished service to the membership of the National Network and the GMR. As the associate director, she effectively administered the GMR office, budget, programs, awards, and communications. She also leaves a legacy of innovation, strategic thinking, and collaboration as a leader in her field.

Ruth joined the GMR in July 2002 during the second year of the 2001-2006 contract and was instrumental in writing and shepherding the GMR and the Library of the Health Sciences through the process of submitting the next two contract proposals (2006-2011 and 2011-2016).

Under Ruth’s leadership, the GMR enhanced network and outreach services to librarians, health care professionals, and health consumers through educational programming, project funding, and collaboration with other professional organizations.  In particular, Ruth planned and implemented several forward-looking GMR symposia, including EHRs and Librarians (Dec 2010), Using Mobile Technologies at the Bedside (Dec 2011), and Research for Better Patient Outcomes: what Librarians Should Know (Nov 2012).  She expanded programming directed to hospital librarians through letters to hospital administrators and workshops on knowledge management in clinical settings. Ruth advocated for additional funding for the GMR’s designated outreach libraries during 2006-2011, which resulted in significant growth in the number of outreach activities conducted across the region.

Ruth promoted GMR and NN/LM partnerships with MLA by co-sponsoring the MLA Institute on Web-based Instruction held in 2006 and repeated in 2008 and facilitating the MLA-NLM joint effort to create the Disaster Information Specialization program. She served on the NLM Long Range Planning Panel 2: NLM Health Information for the Underserved and Diverse Populations in the 21st Century (2005-2006). She chaired the NN/LM Hospital Internet Access Task Force (2003-2005) and co-chaired the NN/LM Community College Task Force (2012-2014), which expanded the impact of the National Network.

During the time that she was associate director, Ruth continued to influence the progress of health sciences librarianship by chairing the MLA Expert Search Task Force 2001-2004 and editing the JMLA Symposium on Expert Searching for the January 2005 issue. She was also the primary author of “Vital Pathways for hospital librarians: present and future roles” (JMLA Oct 2009). She became an MLA Fellow in 2002 and MLA President in 2010-2011.

This brief account of Ruth’s accomplishments during the past decade not only confirms that she is a remarkable woman, it documents that she will leave behind big shoes to fill when she retires next year.  You will be hearing from me again after we post the position of associate director of the Greater Midwest Region, National Network of Libraries of Medicine.

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Emergency Preparedness for Libraries

Submitted by Dawn Hackman, Reference Librarian, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND

There is no denying that this winter has been rough on much of the country: droughts in the West, crippling ice storms in the South, and blizzards with frigid temperatures in the Upper Midwest.  I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the libraries in our region had to deal with weather-related closures and clean-up. Some might have even needed to implement some short-term emergency response steps, such as outsourcing a telephone helpline. Do I sense any nodding heads out there in cyberspace?

Severe weather is only one example of an emergency situation that could affect a library’s operation. Let’s consider some other examples from the news:

December 30th, 2013 – 2 trains collide outside Casselton, ND, spilling (and igniting) an estimated 400,000 gallons of crude oil, leading to the voluntary evacuation of approx. 1,400 people from Casselton. Some 50 people, including first responders, are given shelter in the Casselton Public Library.

April 15th, 2013 – a fire and possible explosion is reported at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston, MA. An investigation by the Boston Fire Dept. concludesthat the fire was most likely caused by “careless disposal of smoking material”.

March 3rd, 2009 – the Historical Cologne City Archive in Germany collapses, killing 2 people and threatening the archive’s massive collection of documents and artifacts.  The collapse was believed to be related to a new underground line that was under construction beneath the archives.

Granted, the examples I’ve given above are quite extreme. That being said, having a plan in place will help you respond to not only the extreme, but also those mundane emergencies that all libraries can face (such as the dreaded broken pipe!).

The National Network of the Libraries of Medicine implemented an Emergency Preparedness & Response Plan in 2008 to help libraries maintain their most important functions and services to their communities and healthcare providers in the event of a disaster ( The plan depends in part on individual libraries having emergency preparedness plans in place. More information can be found on the NN/LM Emergency Preparedness & Response Initiative website:

Now is as good a time as any to start the conversation about emergency preparedness in your institution. The NN/LM recommends a One Page Service Continuity Disaster Plan. The idea is that the plan should be small enough to fit in your wallet or on your smart phone. An example of such a plan can be found here: The NN/LM offers training in completing this process. Contact your state’s Emergency Preparedness Regional Coordinator to set up training. The list for our region is here:  Or take the self-paced “10-Step Approach to Service Continuity Planning” class here:

Remember: having a plan in place will help you move faster from DISASTER to RECOVERY!

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Midwest Chapter MLA – 2014 Conference in Bismarck, ND

Submitted by Dawn Hackman, Reference Librarian, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND

Aerial View of the Capitol Building, Bismarck

Photo by North Dakota Tourism/Amy Taborsky










Make your hotel reservations now for the next Midwest Chapter meeting in Oct 10-14th in Bismarck, ND. The official conference schedule will be posted soon on the meeting website: In the meantime, these links might help you plan out your trip.

Things to do…

2014 Official Visitor Guide:

Bismarck, ND – Official Website – Things to do:

For the foodies…

The Laughing Sun Brewhouse:

The Laughing Sun truly epitomizes the phrase “Go Local”. The restaurant serves its own locally produced, award-winning beers and the restaurant’s décor & live entertainment feature local artists and musicians.

Pirogue Grille:

Opened in 2005, this elegant restaurant proved that fine dining has a place in the Wild West too.  Piroque Grill specializes in locally grown & organic produce and meat.

More local favorites…

The Toasted Frog:

JL Beers:

Bread Poets:

Come early, stay late – If you want to make the most of your trip out west, rent a car and explore the area:

Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center:

Check out General Custer’s house at Fort Abraham Lincoln:

Hopper Blog – “Travel Guide to Dickinson and Medora and Their 20 Best Attractions”:

The above link was recommended by our very own jet-setter, Samanthi Hewakapuge from the GMR. According to Samanthi, Dickinson is home to El Sombrero, “one of my all time favorite Mexican restaurants!!” I don’t know about you guys, but I am tired of drooling over Ms. Hewakapuge’s awesome food pics. In October, it’ll be my turn!

You betcha! ;)

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Registration Open for MLA ’14 in Chicago!

Submitted by Ramune Kubilius, Collection Development/Special Projects Librarian, Galter Health Sciences Library, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

Registration is open for “Building Our Information Future,” the MLA ’14 Annual Meeting and Exhibition in Chicago, IL! Check it out at

Also, folks can now subscribe to the 2014 blog at Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

See you in Chicago!

MLA '14 Logo

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Free Lunch Award – Chapter Council Sharing Roundtables Luncheon

Submitted by Jere Odell, Chair, Midwest Chapter/MLA Awards and Scholarship Committee

Do you like “Free Lunch”?

If you’re planning on attending MLA 2014, don’t forget to apply for the Midwest Chapter’s “Free Lunch” Award. The Award covers the ticket cost for two chapter members per year to attend the Chapter Council Presents Sharing Roundtables Luncheon at the MLA Annual Meeting. Join your colleagues in Chicago on May 18th to share ideas, network and learn more about current topics in health science libraries. For a list of Roundtable topics visit:

Apply at any time before March 15th. The application is easy–write a short note about why you deserve a free lunch. For more information about the “free lunch” award visit:

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Midwest Chapter/MLA 2013 Meeting Research Poster Award Winners

Submitted by Katherine Schilling, Chair, Midwest Chapter/MLA Nominations and Elections Committee

Congratulations to the first place RESEARCH POSTER AWARD WINNERS for their excellent work entitled, “Tackling a Large Scale H-Index Project: Calculating H-Indices Using a Team Approach.”

The authors on this project were Mary Blackwelder, Library Director; Amy Donahue, User Education/Reference Librarian; Karen Hanus, Assistant Library Director; Rita Sieracki, Reference Librarian; Elizabeth Suelzer, Evening Coordinator; and Ashley VonRuden, Library Assistant III, all from the Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries, Milwaukee, WI.

This project demonstrated that “a large scale H-Index calculation project is possible, given a clear workflow and appropriate staff.  As the H-Index has become a popular method for measuring a researcher’s impact, the authors felt it was of value to share their experience.”  Congratulations to our colleagues at the Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries for their superb work!


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Regional News – Michigan

Submitted by Nadia Lalla, Assistant Director, Collections & Information Services, Taubman Health Sciences Library, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI

Picture of Library Closed signTaubman Health Sciences Library Has Left the Building — Literally

The Taubman Health Sciences Library at the University of Michigan (U-M) has temporarily relocated to a new home in the Neuroscience Hospital Building (formerly the  C. S. Mott Children’s Hospital) on the Ann Arbor Medical Campus.  The Library supports five health sciences professional schools (Medical School, College of Pharmacy, and the Schools of Public Health, Nursing, and Dentistry) as well as the U-M Health System including all hospitals, clinics, and satellite locations.  The Library’s staff includes informationists, paraprofessionals, administrative support, and interns from U-M School of Information.

What prompted the move?  In April 2012, the U-M Board of Regents approved an 18-month, $55 million renovation project which will transform the Library building into a health sciences education hub to support in-person, collaborative, active learning.  While the building consists of five floors, the Library occupied the upper three floors from 1980 until December 2013.  When the Library moves back into the building in mid-2015, its footprint will be significantly smaller (i.e. a single floor).  Our new space will include a conference room with the latest technologies, an audio-visual studio for in-house production of instructional videos and other enabling technologies, and a formal exhibit area.  The other floors will support an expanded clinical simulation suite, more group study rooms, and flexible classroom spaces.   Many of the building’s occupants are also looking forward to the coffee shop that will be located just outside of the library.Picture of a vacated Taubman Health Sciences Library

In anticipation of the formal construction activities which started in January 2014, the Library moved more than 450,000 print volumes last spring to an off-campus storage location.  Access to these print materials is provided on-request using paging and delivery systems.  Most of the print volumes are low- or no-use items.  Course Reserves materials were relocated to central campus for convenience.  This solution worked for us because Taubman’s primary clientele overwhelmingly use and prefer the Library’s digital collections.

In December, the staff was relocated to their new temporary home:  former patient rooms complete with oxygen buttons, shared bathrooms, and that unique hospital smell.  We’ll be here for 18 months.  It’s the first time that the entire staff is located on a single floor.  We like the windows (!!!) and the larger space, but we are also very excited about our renovation.

Our primary goal during this relocation period is to seamlessly provide most of our previous services (reference, consultation, and instruction) from our temporary space.  We are also creating a new vision of how our staff works together.  This includes expanding the responsibilities of our paraprofessional staff and developing their skills and knowledge in preparation for greater integration into our teams (e.g., medical education team, citation management SWAT team, etc.).

If you’d like more information, you can read about the renovation activities on our blog:

Watch our videos:

“The Last Book” starring Taubman Library Director Jane Blumenthal and then Library Dean, Paul Courant

“How to Move 457,000 Volumes in 50 Days”

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Regional News – Ohio

Submitted by Melida D. Busch, Manager, Edward L. Pratt Research Library, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH

We’ve welcomed both a new Resource Management Librarian and a new Clinical Librarian in the last months, which is very exciting.

Picture of Elaine Dean, Edward L. Pratt Research Library, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical CenterPlease join the Edward L. Pratt Research Library in welcoming Cincinnati Children’s inaugural Clinical Librarian, Elaine Dean. Originally from Rochester, NY, Elaine earned her Master’s in Library and Information Studies from the State College of New York University at Buffalo.

Prior to joining Cincinnati Children’s, Elaine was Reference and Instruction Librarian at the Penn State Hershey Harrell Health Sciences Library for three years. While supporting the College of Medicine and the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, she coordinated reference services, provided instruction on using library resources and services, and taught clinicians, residents, and students to find high quality evidence-based information. She is excited to continue developing her knowledge of evidence-based practice while working with the Cincinnati Children’s community.

Elaine is interested in exploring ways to support digital access to evidence-based resources, including the use of mobile and clinical care tools, creating online guides, and developing resources for point of need support. She is committed to providing high quality information services to our Clinical teams.

When not at work, Elaine enjoys hiking, biking and knitting, but not at the same time. She is excited to discover both local hiking/biking trails and a new knitting group. Let her know if you have any recommendations!

Picture of Holly Spindler, Edward L. Pratt Research Library, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Please help us welcome Holly Spindler, MLIS, Cincinnati Children’s inaugural Resource Management Librarian.

In addition to holding her Master’s in Library and Information Science from Kent State University, Holly comes to us with a medical library background, having spent several years serving physicians, nurses, residents, undergraduates and faculty at the Kettering Medical and College Libraries in Dayton, Ohio.

Although her specialty is managing resources, she also enjoyed a practicum spent at the Dayton Metro Library, serving patrons from behind the local library’s reference desk.  Her time spent in the public library enhanced her deep appreciation for the powerful role that information plays in the world of Medicine and its advances.

Recently, Holly has returned from living abroad in Grenada.  She occupied her time there by volunteering at local orphanages,  participating in ecology clean-ups, organizing fund raisers for a children’s after-school program, and serving as a member of the St. George’s University Lecture Committee, as well as, Executive Board Secretary for the St. George’s University’s Significant Others Organization.  Her time abroad increased Holly’s fondness for travel, her love of learning, and her appreciation for diversity.

Holly has a passion for library work and places a high value on continuing excellence in serving her community.  She is excited to continue her career with Cincinnati Children’s and the Edward L. Pratt Research Library team.

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New Member Profiles

Submitted by Mary Taylor, Morris Library, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

Mary F. Miles is the volunteer Medical Librarian for the Medical Library of Hillcrest Hospital in Mayfield Heights, OH. She is responsible for circulation, literature searches, collection development and maintenance, and interlibrary loan. Mary received her MLIS from Kent State University in 2012. She is a Licensed Radiologic Technologist (she studied at the University Hospitals of Cleveland) and has a BA in Health Services Management from Hiram College. This Northfield Center, OH native‘s hobbies and interests include travel, cooking, hiking, knitting/sewing/crafts, gardening, yoga, tai chi, and reading.

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For the Record

Submitted by Dawn Hackman, MIDLINE Editor

Odell J, Whipple EC. The changing landscape of scholarly publishing: will Radiation Research survive? Radiat Res. 2013 Oct;180(4):335-9. Full-text

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