Midwest Chapter Announces New Research Award!

Submitted by Ruth Holst on behalf of the Professional Practice Committee

Beginning with the 2012 Annual Chapter meeting in Rochester, MN, the chapter will present a new “Research Award” to recognize the best research papers and posters at the annual meeting. The first place winner for best paper will receive a cash award of $200 and the second place winner will receive $100. The first place winner for best poster will receive $125 and the second place winner will receive $75. During the call for papers and posters, members will be encouraged to designate their entries as “research” submissions for the purposes of being judged for this new award.


The Professional Practice Committee will be “pilot testing” this new award and the award process during the 2012 meeting. More information will be forthcoming about the criteria to be used by the Committee during the judging. The Committee is eager to promote research by members of the Midwest Chapter and the Chapter Board agreed to authorize funding for this purpose. We encourage members to conduct library and information research and to share the results through scholarly publications, such as papers and posters at the Annual Meeting.

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