Call for Nominations

Paper BallotSubmitted by Clare Leibfarth, Immediate Past President and Chair, Nominations and Elections Committee
Kent State University Libraries, Kent, OH

The Nominations and Elections Committee is seeking candidates interested in serving as officers in the Midwest Chapter. Yep, it is a lot of work but, based on my personal experience, it is fun and rewarding! It is a wonderful opportunity to work with lots of fantastic people while building your personal and professional skill set. Are YOU interested? Do you know someone you think would make a great Midwest Chapter officer? If so, share your ideas with me ( or any of the members of the Nominations and Elections Committee you see listed below.

The Midwest Chapter election will be held this summer for terms of office beginning for the most part in October 2012. We need candidates for President Elect, Membership Secretary, Representative at Large, and Potential Candidate for Membership on the MLA Nominating Committee. We also will be voting for our Representative and Alternate Representative to the MLA Chapter Council for terms beginning in May 2013.

2012 Midwest Chapter/MLA Nominations and Elections Committee:

Clare Leibfarth, Chair
Deborah Lauseng
Mary Markland
Mary K. Taylor

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