President’s Message

Submitted by Chris Childs, Midwest Chapter/MLA President 2016

Photo of Chris Childs, Midwest Chapter President

Chris Childs, Midwest Chapter President

New Year’s Resolutions.  We’ve all made them.  Some we’ve kept and others we’ve broken.  I’m always reminded of this when I go to the gym after a new year has rolled in.  The number of people working out increases on January 2nd and usually decreases by February 15th.  Not that I’m much better.  I’ve lost track of how many times I swore I would go on a regular basis, only to stop after a few weeks.  Maybe I’ll do better this year.  Time will tell.

Speaking of time, there is plenty of it to take advantage of several opportunities that you could turn into a new year’s resolution for yourself.  Are you interested in meeting/collaborating with colleagues from another state, region or country?  Consider attending the MLA and/or Midwest conferences.  MLA (May 13-18) in Toronto is a joint meeting with the Canadian Health Libraries Association/Association des bibliothèques de la santé du Canada (CHLA/ABSC), and the International Clinical Librarian Conference (ICLC).  Midwest (October 21-25) in Des Moines is a joint meeting with the MidContinental Chapter.  Are you interested in becoming more involved with the Midwest Chapter?  Be sure to mention that when you renew your membership or participate in the survey that is held in the late summer for all committee positions that become vacant in the fall.  Are you interested in serving as a mentor?  Midwest Chapter is piloting a resume/interview practice program for students and new graduates of library science/information science programs. The program is currently opening up to 10 students or new graduates and recruiting up to 10 mentors to work with them.  Go to for more information.

So you have several options this year, in addition to many others (i.e. taking a CE course) on a state, regional or national level to fulfill that New Year’s resolution that you might have.  And if you can’t do it this year, there is always 2017.

I thought I would end each address with a photo from either the MidContinental or Greater Midwest Region, to highlight some of the natural beauty of each region.  This one is from the Colorado National Monument.

Photo of Colorado National Monument

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