Midwest Chapter 2015 Student Annual Meeting Grant Winners

Submitted by Kimberly Kelly, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan

Hello, my name is Kimberly Kelly and I was a student winner of a grant to attend the conference in Kentucky.

The Midwest Chapter of the MLA Conference in Kentucky was wonderful.  From the beautiful view of the Ohio River to the fabulous experience of bourbon tasting with the group, I had a terrific time.

Not only did the conference offer a fantastic visit to Louisville, it also provided me a great opportunity to network and meet health science librarians from all over the Midwest.  I even met Michelle Kraft, president of MLA.  I was able to speak with many of the librarians and ask them about their work and their past career moves and seek advice on how to pursue a career in health science librarianship.  Everyone was very friendly and helpful.  I truly appreciate the time they took to speak with me.

Additionally, the keynote speaker Lawrence Altman provided an interesting discussion of medical journalism and the changing world of medicine and the media.  I found all of the poster and paper presentations I attended fascinating but as I work in a hospital library, I was especially intrigued by the paper from Kornhauser Health Science Library on Academic Health Sciences Library as Manager of Hospital Libraries. It was fascinating to hear of their struggles and successes.

Submitted by Donald Pearson, Kent State University, Columbus, Ohio

The Midwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association 2015 Annual Meeting was a valuable chance for library students like me to learn, network and interact with our medical librarian colleagues as well as hear from respected professionals in other fields.  For me the most valuable experiences were the continuing education class, Dr. Altman’s lecture, the chance to present a paper and meeting other medical librarians.

Immediately after arriving, I attended the continuing education course taught by Gabe Rios and Melissa De Santis entitled Emerging Technologies for the Busy Librarian.  This was a crash course in the latest technology trends affecting libraries and was well worth the four-hour investment.  I left the class with many new apps and sites to try out, a wish list of technological marvels to covet and a list of sites and resources for staying up to date myself.

Later that day, I had the privilege to meet some enthusiastic medical librarians in the Mentor-Mentee Match Up.  Here I was able to put faces to names, email addresses and twitter usernames and establish professional contacts and friendships that I hope will last for years.  It helped that I had volunteered to photograph the conference because I had an excuse to barge into small groups of people to meet them and take their pictures!

On Sunday, I was fascinated by the business of medical journalism as presented by Dr. Lawrence Altman.  I had known what an embargo was before this, but did not really know why such a thing existed.  I am now in the process of looking up Dr. Altman’s writings on the subject and will be studying the topic, possibly as an option for my culminating experience when I graduate from Kent State next summer.

Finally, this conference was a chance for my fellow librarians from Mount Carmel Health Sciences Library and me to present our work in using multimedia tools in library instruction.  I thoroughly enjoyed working on this paper presentation with my colleagues and learning how to present at a meeting of professionals.

Overall, #MidwestMLA15 was a packed learning, meeting and growing experience for me.  I sincerely thank the Midwest Chapter for the grant that allowed me to participate (and when all tallied I spent a total of $500.20 – so it’s a perfect award amount!). I look forward to attending the 2016 meeting in Iowa!

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