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Submitted by Patty Lunsford, Representative-at-Large, Franciscan St. Elizabeth Health, Lafayette, Crawfordsville, and Rensselaer, Indiana

 “The State Liaisons Committee shall serve as a conduit for communication between the chapter and state health sciences library associations, local library groups and library science educational programs. It shall serve as a mechanism for chapter officers and committees to distribute information and receive feedback at the state and local level.”

 My gratitude and appreciation are extended to our State Liaisons Committee—our State Representatives to the Midwest Chapter MLA from each of our proud states.  Their cordial and helpful communications and assistance to me when I have reached out with questions and queries reinforces our realization that we in the library and information science profession are among the most blessed and fortunate of all –to care, share, serve, assist, and uplift each other, even, and especially, when you are buried with everyday responsibilities, tasks, and schedules.

I also informally include in our State Liaisons Committee our State Presidents—of whom at least three serve as both their State Representative and their State President.  We have a few new faces and names among our Committee as of this spring—and have bid a poignant farewell to several State Liaisons whose roles and professions changed in the past year. Elizabeth Smigielski (Kentucky) and Heidi Schroeder (Michigan) both communicated with me earlier this year that they had changed professions and would no longer be participating as Midwest Chapter MLA Liaisons.

In Heidi’s place, we welcome Iris Kovac-Gough as Michigan’s new State Liaison.

Following are our current State Liaisons Committee members—and State Presidents—and PLEASE heartily correct me when you spot an error in my lists and writings…

Committee Members (State Representatives):

Illinois:                        Daneen Richardson

Indiana:                       Joan Zivich

Iowa:                           Mindy Egeland

Kentucky:                   Vida Vaughn

Michigan:                    Iris Kovac-Gough

Minnesota:                  Andrew Crow

North Dakota:             Marcia Francis

Ohio:                           Mary Pat Harnegie

Wisconsin:                   Dora Davis


State Presidents:

Illinois:                        Daneen Richardson

Indiana:                       Kacy Lynn Allgood

Iowa:                           Elizabeth Kiscaden

Kentucky:                   Vida Vaughn

Michigan:                    Merle Rosenzweig

Minnesota:                  Andrew Crow

North Dakota:             Ann Pederson

Ohio:                           Charlotte Sievert

Wisconsin:                   Barb Ruggeri

As always, communication and sharing—how we do what we do, how we can assist and support, how we laugh and mourn together—make a critical difference in our everyday lives and work.  We all know the familiar adage of how a smile can change a life—and similarly, a word of sharing, a question answered, a detail communicated to us all—can open a whole new world of clarification and understanding for us all, give hope, help us over a hurdle and through a difficult meeting or project or rough spots in our work.

Just like we help our library patrons—our broad audience of physicians, nurses, allied health personnel, students, faculty, patients, and patients’ families—we help each other as much, or more, with our communications and sharing—and sustain each other. Every role is a major character, every task is a link to a greater accomplishment, each one of us is vital to our institutions and to our Midwest Chapter.  It is a privilege and an honor to work with each one of you!

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