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Submitted by Patty Lunsford, Representative-at-Large, Franciscan St. Elizabeth Health, Lafayette, Crawfordsville, and Rensselaer, Indiana

“The State Liaisons Committee shall serve as a conduit for communication between the chapter and state health sciences library associations, local library groups and library science educational programs. It shall serve as a mechanism for chapter officers and committees to distribute information and receive feedback at the state and local level.”

 I am sure at the end of every year, whether it be a calendar year, or an academic year—or semester—we all reminisce, not only on the immediate past year or semester, but also, perhaps especially, on the previous years and all the experiences—those we love to remember, and perhaps some which we prefer not to remember, but all of which are forever burned into our souls.

Most of us work with students in some capacity—so we likely experience the milestones of their entry orientations, when they approach us with trepidation and wonder and awe—even terror—at the experiences and challenges ahead of them—and they rely upon us in ways regarding, not only their academic and professional research, but also as a haven and a respite—often a “neck-saver,” especially on a Friday evening when that research paper or clinical assessment is due Monday morning.

We also have the honor and privilege of experiencing their Commencement—their final accomplishment with us—before venturing out into the real world or preparing for their Boards or embarking upon their residencies—and that is especially when we ponder with our own wonder and awe at how much they have grown and matured, gained confidence and mastered skills, even library and research skills—and we realize how attached we have grown to them over they time they spent with us.

At St. Elizabeth School of Nursing and Franciscan Health here in Lafayette, IN, our classes are small enough that I have the privilege of knowing our students even more personally—such that when they graduate, I sense a deep respect and awe for them, but also the ache of saying goodbye—except when they work in our hospitals; and I then have the joy of seeing them as professional employees, actively practicing and thriving in their professions.

And what do we teach and say to our students—how do we send them off into the real world—what counsel do we give them when they now ask, not for research assistance but for guidance to send them forth?

Live and serve sincerely— and gently— and purely— and simply. Share your joy and your compassion—believe in yourselves—and in your God-given talents, remembering well that even during the hardest and most challenging times, the grace of God, or whomever you acknowledge as your Supreme Being,  and your own courage and strength will carry you through.

And always, always remember to be grateful, to have a sense of humor, and to live with the virtues of faith, hope, and love.

As your Representative-at-Large, I enjoy writing to our State Representatives and Presidents and encouraging them to share among us all various questions and situations which arise—either as a presented question or issue or challenge…please—share with us all experiences of this kind—how you have planned, gotten the job done, what worked and what did not, and how you coped…and succeeded.


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