Midwest MLA Awards and Scholarships Committee Report

Submitted by Edith Starbuck (OH), Chair, Awards and Scholarships Committee

The 2015-2016 Awards and Scholarships Committee members included: Martha Airth-Kindree (WI), Jessica DeCaro (OH), Abigail Goben (IL), Nicole Theis-Mahon (MN), and Debra Werner (IL), President-Elect.  I want to thank them for their service, flexibility, and responsiveness.

This was a year of change for the Awards and Scholarships Committee.  The Chapter Executive Board met in the fall to discuss chapter finances and concluded that there were not enough funds to support all the awards and scholarships for 2016 or in the future. Consequently, the number of scholarship grants were reduced to one for each scholarship and no monetary awards were allocated for the Distinguished Librarian of the Year Award or the Jean Williams Sayre Innovation Award for 2016.  The MLA Free Roundtable Lunch awards had already been awarded.

The initial scholarship promotions were well under way so the funding change prompted a flurry of revisions to the scholarship information and applications as well as the chapter and conference websites.  The revised scholarship awards were promoted a second time and committee members were faced with the challenging task of selecting just one recipient out of several deserving applicants for each award.

Award Recipients:

  • MLA Free Roundtable Lunch Awards – Chris Parker (IL) and Hanna Schmillen (OH)
  • Student Annual Meeting Award – Stephanie Hendren (WI)
  • First-Time Attendee Award – Karlene Campbell (IL)
  • Annual Meeting Grant – Noreen Mulcahy (OH)

There were no applications for the Distinguished Librarian of the Year Award or the Jean Williams Sayre Innovation Award.

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