Make an Impact! The Annual Meeting Special Committee Needs YOU!

Submitted by Clare Leibfarth and Bette Sydelko, Co-Chairs, Annual Meetings Special Committee 

But Wait! What is the Annual Meetings Special Committee?

Planning our chapter’s annual meetings involves many chapter members and is a lot of hard work! At any one time, the chapter has two (sometimes three!) meetings in the various stages of planning. The current meeting planning policies and procedures, including the nine state meeting location rotation, have been essentially unchanged for over 25 years. See the chapter website Meetings page for more information:

After 25 years, it is a good time to take a detailed look at the planning of our meetings. What are we doing well? What can we do better? How can we make the meetings even more successful? Can the process be made more efficient and effective?

The Midwest Chapter Executive Board approved a recommendation by the Annual Meetings Committee to appoint a task force to examine these issues, the Annual Meetings Special Committee. Here is our Official Committee Charge as approved by the Midwest Chapter Executive Board and posted on the Midwest Chapter website:

Charge of the Annual Meetings Special Committee 2016-2017

Charge of the Annual Meetings Special Committee 2016-2017

Why does the Annual Meetings Special Committee need ME?

Over the next four months, we need motivated chapter members to join us in the research phase of the committee’s work, gathering information to help us recommend ways to improve the planning of our annual meetings. This will entail reading and analyzing the final reports of the meeting planning committees and the meeting evaluation surveys from the last several chapter conferences. Using qualitative research methodology, you will participate in the coding and thematic analysis of these resources. These reports and surveys contain a wealth of ideas for making our meetings better than ever. Your analysis will help us to gather those ideas together and generate concrete suggestions for improvement.

YOU can make a lasting impact on the Midwest Chapter! Join us on the Annual Meetings Special Committee.


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