President’s Message

Submitted by Debra Werner, Midwest Chapter/MLA President 2017 

Hello Midwest Chapter Members!

Fall is fast approaching, and many of us are trying to enjoy the last days of summer as we get settled into our fall routines, whether that means a new academic term with new students, new residents in our hospitals, or recovering—work-wise—from summer vacations.

Whatever marks the new season for you, one autumn event we all have in common is the upcoming Midwest Chapter Annual Meeting in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Unfortunately, we cannot all attend, but we can share our experiences with one another. I plan to capitalize on my meeting experience, “plan” being the operative word. I find it’s easy to set off to a conference with high expectations, only to become overwhelmed and leave in a half-dazed state. Now that I have a plan, I hope to avoid my old routine.

So, here is my plan. I will leave the meeting with one idea that I will implement at my institution. I’m leaving it intentionally broad—the “idea” could be a new service, a new policy, a new resource, whatever. I also plan to identify one thing I’m struggling with (yet to be determined, but probably in the outreach or instruction arena) and ask how others handle it in order to come home with a solution.

I know that these are not earth-shattering ideas and that many members are proactive conference-goers. But for someone who has been a more passive attendee, it is a new and exciting step. What about you? How do you approach the annual meeting? Do you have suggestions to pass on the membership? What about those who cannot attend—are there ways that the outcomes of the meeting can be better shared?

Wishing you all a great end of summer and beginning of fall!

Deb Werner

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