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Submitted by Mary Taylor, AHIP, Morris Library, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL 

Photo of new member Sarah Benitez

Sarah Benitez

Sarah Benitez is the Senior Information Research Specialist (SIRS) in the Knowledge Management Services department at Munson Healthcare. She is responsible for knowledge-based research services, technical services, and information literacy instruction. Sarah received her MLIS degree from Wayne State University in 2013. This Buffalo, NY native now lives in Traverse City, MI.

Photo of new member Caroline Gilson

Caroline Gilson

Caroline Gilson Associate Dean of Public Services, Science Librarian and Interim U.S. Federal Depository Library Coordinator at the DePauw University Library. She states that “as Associate Dean of Public Services, I oversee the Access Services area at our main library as well as the librarian that manages our instruction program. I also oversee the two branch libraries (Music and Science). This year our gov docs librarian retired, so I am also interim U.S. Federal Depository Library Coordinator.  We are a partial US federal document depository.” Caroline has been at DePauw for 16 years, where she started as Science Librarian. She has assumed management roles over the years. In the past two years DePauw added a Global Health major and she now provides support to those students and courses. Caroline has a degree in Religion from Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC. She earned a Masters in Liberal Studies from Wake Forest University in 1996. She received her MLS from IU Bloomington in December, 1997. She adds, “I have a son who is 12, so we started playing Pokemon Go this summer.  That’s been a fun learning experience.  I also like to cook and I’m always in search of a new recipe to try.  I listen to several podcasts on pop culture and technology and I enjoy learning about new tech innovations.”

Lisa Habegger is a Staff Librarian in the Medical Library of the Community Health Network in Indianapolis, IN. She provides reference and research services for the staff, and assists with the daily operations of the library. She has earned a MLS from Indiana University and also a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Lisa is also an artist, and primarily works with painting and drawing media. She adds, “I have worked in a variety of library positions, from being a Young Adult and Adult Reference librarian in public libraries, academic work, and most recently as the director of nonprofit special library.  I am excited for the opportunity to now work in the medical library field.”

Rosie Hanneke is an Assistant Professor & Information Services/Liaison Librarian at the University of Illinois-Chicago’s Library of the Health Sciences-Chicago. She is the liaison to the School of Public Health and provides reference and instruction sessions. Her professional interests include literature review methodology, including systematic reviews; information needs of public health faculty, students, & other researchers; and information literacy instruction. This St. Louis, Missouri native received her undergraduate degree in Romance Languages & Literature (French) from the University of Chicago, and her MLS from the University of Maryland.

Photo of new member Krista Lilly

Krista Lilly

Krista Lilly is a Map Terminologist for SNOMED International. She creates and maintains maps from the SNOMED CT terminology to classifications. She is interested in “ontologies, classification, and terminologies and the use of description logic and analytics to improve healthcare. I love the business side of medicine.” Krista has an undergraduate degree in Health Information Management from Macon State College in Georgia. She is a student at the University of Kentucky School of Information and is concentrating on Knowledge Representation. Krista says that she lives with her “high-school-sweetheart husband … on a small farm in western Kentucky.”

Amy McCoy is a Librarian II at Battelle in Columbus, OH. She is responsible for marketing, outreach, and research. Her job also includes “most public service functions, reference, and some technical service functions.” Her professional interests include R & D, biomedical, and health information, and assessment for marketing and planning purposes. She has an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Reed College, and received her MLIS from Kent State University in 2011. Amy’s personal hobbies and interests include knitting and crochet, music, theology, languages, and cooking. She adds, “I have worked in most aspects of technical as well as public services in small and large organizations within special, legal, and higher education contexts. So, I am excited to pursue another information specialization, especially within such an active and vibrant professional organization.”

Jonna Peterson is Senior Clinical Informationist at Galter Health Sciences Library, Northwestern University. She is responsible for establishing and developing the Clinical Informationist Program at the Library. She also collaborates with faculty, students and staff affiliated with the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University to provide assistance with systematic reviews and other research projects. She adds, “I also teach workshops on various health sciences databases.  In conjunction with the librarians at the UIC-Health Sciences Library, I also serve as a host to one half of an academic health sciences practicum program.  Our program is for current students or recent graduates of library programs with an interest in academic health sciences librarianship.” Jonna earned an undergraduate degree in Biology and Chemistry from Dominican University. She completed her Master of Library and Information Science degree, also from Dominican, in 2003. Jonna is in her 19th year of volunteering at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.  She states, “Currently, I work with our collection of stingrays and sharks doing food preparation, feeding, and other tasks.  It’s messy and usually smelly, but I love it!”

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