2017 Midwest Chapter/MLA Awards and Scholarships Committee

Submitted by: Nicole Theis-Mahon (MN), Chair, Awards and Scholarships Committee

The 2016-2017 Awards and Scholarships Committee members included: Abigail Goben (IL), Matt Hoy (MN), Anna Beth Morgan (MN), Nicole Theis-Mahon (MN), and Karen Hanus (WI), President-Elect.  I want to thank them for their service, flexibility, and responsiveness.

After reviewing Chapter finances in the fall the Chapter Executive Board decided to add back some awards and scholarships. As a result there was enough funds to cover two awards for the student scholarships and plaques and monetary awards were reinstated for the Distinguished Librarian of the Year Award or the Jean Williams Sayre Innovation Award for 2017.

The committee decided to wait until promoting the scholarships until the budget was known and as a result the activity of promoting these awards lasted through the summer.

Award Recipients:

  • MLA Free Roundtable Lunch Awards – JJ Pionke (IL)
  • Student Annual Meeting Award – Caroline Hogan (IA)
  • First-Time Attendee Award – Allison Erlinger (OH)
  • Annual Meeting Grant – Rosie Hanneke (IL)
  • Jean Williams Sayre Innovation Award – Jonna Peterson (IL) & Corinne Miller (IL)
  • Distinguished Librarian of the Year Award – Merle Rosenzweig (MI)
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