2018 Midwest Chapter/MLA Awards and Scholarships Committee

Article submitted by Anna Beth Morgan, AHIP, Chair of the Midwest Chapter’s Awards and Scholarships Committee

Shhhhhhh….Did you know there is a secret about awards, grants and scholarships?

Yes, there is a secret about awards, grants and scholarships. Many people think there are lots of people applying for recognition given by professional associations. That may be true in some professions but, it is not true in the library and information professions. I have served on Honors, Awards and Scholarships Committees in professional library organizations at the local, chapter and national levels. The real truth is that few people apply for awards, grants and scholarships. There are often very few applicants or nominees too frequently none at all. Seriously…. most awards, grants and scholarships are not competitively pursued by those who are qualified. And, only a few professionals nominate their colleagues for recognition of work well done. This is a shame, especially when we know colleagues who deserve some recognition for their accomplishments.

Let’s change the secret for the Midwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association. Year 2018 is the right time to give the Midwest Chapter’s Awards and Scholarships Committee plenty of applications and nominations to evaluate. You have a great committee this year with wonderful members: Abigail Goben, Matt Hoy, Anna Beth Morgan, Merle Rosenzweig and Eileen Severson. Put us to work for you, the Midwest Chapter membership. Apply grants and nominate colleagues for awards.

For 2018, the following Midwest Chapter awards and grants will be available:

· Annual Meeting Grant

· First-Time Attendee Annual Meeting Grant

· Student Annual Meeting Grant

· Distinguished Librarian of the Year Award

· Jean Williams Sayre Innovation Award

For more information about each award and grant, please visit the chapter’s Awards page to learn more and submit nominations for awards and applications for grants. If you need further assistance, please contact Anna Beth Morgan at morgan.annabeth@mayo.edu.

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