President’s Message

Submitted by Karen L. Hanus, Midwest Chapter/MLA President 2018

Hello, Midwest Chapter/MLA! I hope you are looking forward to spring and enjoying milder temperatures wherever you are!

As was discussed at the Business Meeting last fall, our recent financial difficulties led us to start new initiatives to raise money to be able to continue offering scholarship and awards. Over the last few years, we have carried out fundraising activities in conjunction with our annual meetings including a 50/50 raffle, silent auction, and the selection of our very own “critter!” The activities have been so successful that we’ve decided to go forward and officially create a fundraising committee as a standing committee of the Midwest Chapter/MLA. The board has approved the charge and the first official committee will be appointed this fall during the normal committee appointment process. We currently have an ad hoc committee working on fundraising activities to be held in conjunction with the 2018 meeting. The committee is led by Edith Starbuck and I want to thank her for her leadership and special efforts on these activities.

It will soon be time to apply for scholarships and awards offered by the Midwest Chapter/MLA. This year we will be offering:

• An annual meeting grant to support the attendance of librarians and library staff at the Chapter’s Annual meeting
• A first-time attendee annual meeting grant
• A student annual meeting grant
• The Jean Williams Sayre Innovation award
• The Distinguished Librarian of the Year award

This is a great opportunity to apply for funding to attend our annual meeting or to nominate yourself or someone else for an outstanding achievement in our field. We’d love to have nominees for all the awards this year!

Have a happy spring!

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