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Beth Whipple from the Ruth Lilly Medical Library, Indiana University School of Medicine, recently had two articles published:

News from Mount Carmel Health Sciences Library. Spring 2019.

Stevo Roksandic, MBA MLIS AHIP, Regional Director of Mount Carmel Health System Library Services, and Kenneth Wright, MSLS, Health Sciences Librarian, presented Elevating Library Learning: Implementing “Self-Directed Learning” as an Educational Framework,on Sunday, May 5, at the 2019 MLA Annual Conference in Chicago, IL.

Stevo Roksandic and Allison Erlinger, RN/BSN, MLIS, AHIP, contributed the following chapters to Transforming Health Sciences Library Spaces:

  • Roksandic, S., & Erlinger, A. (2019a). Consumer Health Library Spaces: “If you build it, will they come?’. In A. Campbell (Ed.), Transforming health sciences library spaces (pp. 3-35). Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
  • Roksandic, S., & Erlinger, A. (2019b). Rethink, Redo, Repurpose: transforming the library space to meet clients’ needs. In A. Campbell (Ed.), Transforming health sciences library spaces (pp. 77-102). Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

Kaitlyn Humphrey, MLIS, has been promoted to Health Sciences Librarian.

Liz Lyman, MLIS, published the following review: 

Noreen Mulcahy, MLIS, AHIP, was elected as Chair-Elect of the Technical Services Section/MLA Membership Committee.

Submitted by Noreen Mulcahy.

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