Midwest Chapter/MLA well represented in MLA’s RTI Fellowship Program

At this year’s MLA Annual Conference 2019, three Midwest Chapter members shared their experiences in designing and conducting research during their 2018/2019 fellowship in the Research Training Institute (RTI). The “Elevate Your Practice with Research” session included panel discussions and poster presentations from the fellows.

Amelia Brunskill

Amelia Brunskill, MSIS, Information Services and Liaison Librarian, University of Illinois–Chicago (UIC), sat on a panel that discussed the IRB process. Amelia shared her experiences in working with the IRB, including lessons learned around necessary preparation for the process, expectations for qualitative research, and variations in guidance. She also presented her research poster “The Expectations, Priorities, and Preferences of Students with Disabilities When Seeking Accessibility Information on Academic Library Websites.” Amelia interviewed undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities to learn what information they would like included on a library’s webpage for users with disabilities. Some of her preliminary findings indicate that students would like to see information about the physical layout of the building, and sensory information like noise levels and lighting.

Margaret Hoogland

Margaret Hoogland, MLS, AHIP, Clinical Medical Librarian, University of Toledo Libraries, presented her research poster “How Medical Students Discover and Use Medical Information Tools.” Margaret’s project surveyed students to better understand the medical information needs of preclinical students. Students completed a survey, and some went on to take part in a discussion. With a better understanding of which information tools students are using and how they find out about these tools, librarians can better adapt their library sessions and conversations with students to introduce them to the available tools and services.

Liz Suelzer

Liz Suelzer, MLIS, AHIP, User Education & Reference Librarian, Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), participated in a panel that discussed the impact of the RTI. Liz said that the training provided by the RTI made her feel more prepared and comfortable in talking about the research process with faculty and students at her institution, and she could better empathize with those who are doing their own research projects. Liz also presented her research poster “Still Feeling the Effects: A Citation Analysis of the Highly Cited, Retracted Article on Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) Vaccines and Autism.” Her research project was a citation analysis to determine how authors cited the 1998 article by Andrew Wakefield. She discovered that although this is a highly cited paper, most of the time it was cited unfavorably. She also discovered that authors are not accurately referencing article retractions in their bibliographies.

Amelia, Margaret and Liz wish the 2019/2020 Midwest Chapter/MLA RTI fellows all the best in their year of research. Congratulations to:

  • Mary Pat Harnegie, AHIP, South Pointe Medical Library, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland OH
  • Rachel Hinrichs, AHIP, University Library, Indiana University-Purdue University–Indianapolis IN
  • Laura Menard, Ruth Lilly Medical Library, Indiana University–Indianapolis IN
  • Jolene Miller, AHIP, Mulford Health Science Library, University of Toledo, Toledo OH
  • Katherine Orze, Health Sciences Library, Loyola University Chicago, Chicago IL

If you are working on your own research, or want to learn more about doing research, join Liz and Margaret at the Research Retreat at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Midwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association. For details on the event, please contact Margaret Hoogland.

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