President’s Message

Hello, Midwest Chapter/MLA—

I would like to recognize our Communications Chair, Elizabeth Huggins, and Webmaster, Matt Regan, for their roles in restoring our Chapter website. In mid-November, it was discovered that malicious malware had infected our website and was causing pop-up messages and errors in our blog content. Elizabeth and Matt’s remarkable efforts included:

  • removing malicious code from numerous pages
  • updating outdated conference websites that were security risks
  • working with our server company for the final, full scan of our website prior to its release from quarantine, and
  • restoring the small amount of content that was lost during the process.

Thank you, Elizabeth and Matt, for your leadership and dedication in restoring our Chapter website!   

As part of the Executive Board’s review of our procedures and practices, I worked with Annual Meetings Committee Chair, Liz Weinfurter, and Treasurer, Kathryn Mlsna, to review our procedures for contracts. We read relevant sections of our Procedure Manual, Annual Meeting Guide, and Bylaws to inform our discussions and resulting recommendations to the Executive Board. At the December 16, 2019, Executive Board meeting, the proposed contract procedures were approved following friendly amendments. The contract procedures adopted explicitly call out the requirement to consult with our Treasurer while distributing responsibility for signing the contracts: 

  • Midwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association Officers and Committee Chairs may negotiate contracts relevant to their responsibilities as set forth in the Chapter Bylaws and Procedure Manual.
  • Contracts with liability of $1,000 or less will be entered into by the Executive Board member or Annual Conference Planning Chair negotiating the contract after consultation with the Treasurer.
  • Contracts with liability greater than $1,000 will be entered into by the President or another elected Officer after consultation with the Treasurer and approval of the Executive Board.
  • In the event that a contract must be finalized prior to the next Board Meeting, the Executive Board may convene a Special Meeting or conduct the review and vote via email.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or ideas for the Chapter. I hope to connect with you at the MLA annual meeting in May or the Midwest Chapter/MLA annual meeting October 3-5, 2020, in Bloomington, Indiana! 

Stay warm!

Submitted by Emily C. Ginier, Midwest Chapter/MLA President 2020

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