2020 Midwest Chapter Fundraising Committee Report


This is the first year the Fundraising Committee has been an official committee in the Midwest Chapter. Our committee was started by Edith Starbuck at the Joint Midwest and MCMLA Chapter meeting in Des Moines, Iowa, in 2016!

We accomplished three major tasks in our inaugural year:

We hosted a Virtual Fundraiser! We sold 51 items and raised $132.38 for the Awards and Scholarship committee. Our marketing and promotional gurus (Beth, Heather, and Kathy) did an incredible job. Our Tally Team (Edith, Jessica, and Nicole) made sure we sold enough items to bring in a profit. We all worked hard to keep people and our committee motivated.

We have a committee email address. Should you ever have questions or suggestions, please email fundraising@midwestmla.org. We will be using this email address to solicit year-round silent auction and cash donations. We thank Elizabeth Huggins and the Communications Committee for helping us establish this email address. 

We collected online donations! Our online donation option brought in $135 for Awards and Scholarships. We will continue collecting online donations year-round via PayPal from the donation tab on the Midwest Chapter website. Our only request is that you specify how the donated money should be used!

In total, $587.38 goes to the Awards and Scholarship Committee. Although our earnings are not as substantial this year, we learned a lot. 

For 2021, you can expect to see many owl activities and, depending on the survey results, we might host our own Virtual Fundraiser!

We thank you for your support and your generosity! 

Many Thanks, Margaret Hoogland, Fundraising Committee Chair; Jessica DeCaro; Kathy Koch; Heather Healy; Edith Starbuck; Nicole Theis-Mahon; Beth Whipple

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