Midwest State Associations Report


Submitted by Stephanie Schulte, Midwest Chapter Representative at Large
Prior Health Sciences Library, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

The fall meeting of the Ohio Health Sciences Library Association was held October 18, 2010, at the Nutter Center, Wright State University,  Dayton, Ohio. Featured at this meeting was a 4-hour CE taught by Pat Wagner, Pattern Research, Inc., titled “Everyday Leadership.” During this session, Pat spoke with us about the organizational map (what leaders do), influencing behavior with three steps (rapport, information, action), and five-minute strategic planning. These were all interesting and taught in a very understandable manner.

Concerning the organizational map, Pat described three levels of activity and the activity that goes with them:

  1. The Task Level is the level most of us fall back to and it doesn’t matter if you’re a surgeon or a janitor. You focus on the details right in front of you. These can be the do-ers of the group, the people that get the work done on a daily basis and whose focus is on the short term.
  2. The middle level is the Management Level. These are the folks who can organize projects, develop systems and processes for the task oriented folks. The good ones can earn trust and respect from those with whom they work.
  3. The top level is of course, Leadership Level. Though sometimes these folks seem like “loose cannons” at Pat put it, they see the biggest pictures and the mission. They can dream big. What makes these folks different is they are risk takers who anticipate change.

In terms of applying this to our everyday work lives, I think it’s good to realize the perspective from which all these folks operate. It can help you understand them more and perhaps, be less frustrated.

All of us enjoyed a salad buffet and dessert for lunch. The food was really excellent! The spring meeting of OHSLA will be in central Ohio at a yet to be determined location and date.


Submitted by Deborah Lauseng
Health Sciences Libraries, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Between October 13 and 15, the Michigan Health Sciences Libraries Association (MHSLA) held their annual conference, “Health Libraries 2010” on the Michigan State University campus.  Amidst the beautiful fall colors and nice weather, over 60 people participated in a rich program, including five continuing education courses, that promoted “healthy” networking with colleagues from across the state. After a day of CEs, people were part of a welcome reception that challenged their “healthy” trivia…how many muscles are there in the human ear?  Lana Kaiser, RN, MD, DVM, presented an intriguing keynote presentation on “Cows with Names Make More Milk – Human-Animal Interaction on the Farm.”  The popular Pecha Kucha presentations were offered again this year.  (Pecha Kucha: 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide for a total of six minutes and 40 seconds to make your point on a topic of your choosing.)  Additionally seven posters were presented and 17 exhibitors were present.  The conference special event was held at the MSU Museum with dinner in the Habitat Hall with a guided tour of the “Avelution Birds in the Development of Darwin’s Theories on Evolution” by Pamela Rasmussen, curator of the exhibit. A couple of the new attendees commented on the breath of the conference and found the friendliness of the group very inviting. Others enjoyed reconnecting with colleagues they hadn’t seen in a while. Hats off to the Conference Planning Chair Mike Simmons, the Local Arrangements Chair Heidi Schroeder, the Education Co-Chairs Marilyn Kostrzewski and Diane LeBar, and all committee members!

The fall conference marks the beginning of the terms of the incoming MHSLA Officers:

  • Mike Simmon, President
  • Leslie Burk, President Elect
  • Sheila Bryant, Past President
  • Jennifer Barlow, Secretary
  • Jill Turner, Treasurer
  • Alison Konieczny, Archivist

Within the state, a major new collaborative was formalized in February 2010 when the Michigan Library Consortium (MLC) and Indiana Cooperative Library Services Authority (INCOLSA) merged to form the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services (MCLS). This initiative brought together the strengths of the two individual consortia into one. MCLS serves as a group negotiating agent for databases and eContent, provides training through workshops and special events, and supports resource sharing between the member libraries. The NN/LM GMR is working with MCLS to identify potential group purchasing opportunities for electronic resources.  For more information on the GMR E-Licensing Group, see: http://nnlm.gov/gmr/resourcesharing/elicensing.html For more information on MCLS, see: http://www.mlcnet.org/cms/sitem.cfm/.


Submitted by Beth Robb
St. Francis Hospital/Resurrection Health Care, Evanston, IL

The Health Science Librarians of Illinois (HSLI) exhibited at the Illinois Library Association Annual Conference at Navy Pier in downtown Chicago, Sept. 28-30. The exhibits consisted of about eight aisles of vendors. HSLI was at the end of the exhibit space so there was lots of “traffic.”

In addition to promoting membership for HSLI, we also had Midwest Chapter/MLA membership brochures available. Besides the usual assortment of publishers, book vendors, library furniture, and audit firms the State of Illinois gave away a book on Illinois state governors. Attendance was fairly high. More people were there on Wednesday than Thursday. Of those attending about one-third were unemployed, reflecting the sad state of the economy; however, it was a good meeting for networking and there was a free lunch in the exhibit hall.


Read “Librarians Converge on the Square” by Barb Sisolak in this issue of MIDLINE for an update from Wisconsin!

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