Summer 2017 Issue, Number 145

Submitted by Abby Thorne, MIDLINE Editor

Welcome to the Summer 2017 issue of MIDLINE!  As the chapter is gearing up to host our annual meeting in conjunction with the Michigan Health Sciences Libraries Association, please peruse the contents of this issue.  I hope you are planning to join your fellow Midwest Chapter members in Ypsilanti, Michigan from October 13-16 for what is sure to be an excellent program of continuing education classes, conference programming, and networking opportunities.  For those of you unable to attend the conference, please consider taking advantage of the opportunity (detailed in a later article) to support the chapter and “vote” for our chapter “critter” via online donation!

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President’s Message

Submitted by Debra Werner, Midwest Chapter/MLA President 2017 

Hello Midwest Chapter Members!

Fall is fast approaching, and many of us are trying to enjoy the last days of summer as we get settled into our fall routines, whether that means a new academic term with new students, new residents in our hospitals, or recovering—work-wise—from summer vacations.

Whatever marks the new season for you, one autumn event we all have in common is the upcoming Midwest Chapter Annual Meeting in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Unfortunately, we cannot all attend, but we can share our experiences with one another. I plan to capitalize on my meeting experience, “plan” being the operative word. I find it’s easy to set off to a conference with high expectations, only to become overwhelmed and leave in a half-dazed state. Now that I have a plan, I hope to avoid my old routine.

So, here is my plan. I will leave the meeting with one idea that I will implement at my institution. I’m leaving it intentionally broad—the “idea” could be a new service, a new policy, a new resource, whatever. I also plan to identify one thing I’m struggling with (yet to be determined, but probably in the outreach or instruction arena) and ask how others handle it in order to come home with a solution.

I know that these are not earth-shattering ideas and that many members are proactive conference-goers. But for someone who has been a more passive attendee, it is a new and exciting step. What about you? How do you approach the annual meeting? Do you have suggestions to pass on the membership? What about those who cannot attend—are there ways that the outcomes of the meeting can be better shared?

Wishing you all a great end of summer and beginning of fall!

Deb Werner

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Midwest Chapter MLA 2017 Fundraiser – Silent Auction and Chapter ‘Critter’ Update

Submitted by Submitted by Edith Starbuck, 2017 Silent Auction Fundraiser Co-Chair

Preparations for the upcoming silent auction and chapter ‘critter’ selection are well underway.

Silent Auction Update

Many thanks to Chapter members who have donated auction items that they, their relatives, or friends have created!  Items range from jewelry to knitted, wooden, ceramic, and fabric items.

Silent auction items can be viewed at   Silent auction hours and bidding procedures can be found at

Chapter Critter Update

There was an enthusiastic response to the call for Chapter ‘Critter’ suggestions.  A total of 26 different suggestions came in and the Executive Board voted on their 5 top choices.  Survey results revealed 6 top ‘critters’ due to a 3-way tie.  So members will be voting to select one of the 6 as the ‘critter’ or mascot to represent the nine states in the Midwest MLA Chapter.  We’re looking forward to finding out which ‘critter’ wins the most votes!

Top Six ‘Critters’:

  • White Tailed Deer
  • Owl
  • Hawk
  • American Robin
  • Corn
  • Squirrel

More information about the critters is available at

Voting will be available in-person at the conference as well as online for those unable to attend.  More information about voting procedures can be found at

Bid and vote often during the conference to raise Midwest MLA scholarship funds!   

Questions?  Contact us.

Thanks everyone!

Edith Starbuck ( and Nicole Theis-Mahon (

2017 Silent Auction Fundraiser Co-Chairs

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From the GMR – A Call to Action: Improve Your Community’s Health with NNLM Funding Awards

Submitted by Derek Johnson, Health Professionals Outreach Specialist, National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Greater Midwest Region, Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, Iowa City, IA

The GMR would like to remind Midline readers that our office still has funds available to make outreach awards! Our award application process is straightforward and one of our office staff will be available to assist you with the application process. If you’ve been thinking of applying but just haven’t done it yet, or want to apply but aren’t sure what we fund, now’s the time to take action!

Listed below are our funding categories and some possible funding projects to help get your creative juices flowing. For more ideas, check out our previously funded projects database!

Emergency Preparedness

Establish a partnership with local public health and emergency response organizations to promote the Disaster Information Management Research Center.

Express Outreach

Develop a traveling forum to medically underserved areas in your state to conduct hands-on workshops on PubMed and evidence-based medicine for health professionals.

Emerging Trends – Data Management and Precision Medicine

Undergo an information needs assessment within your organization to develop a plan or training around data management or precision medicine.


Partner with a local refugee organization and clinic to develop resources and trainings on health information access for the refugee population and health professionals who serve them.

Public Library Outreach

Develop and conduct train-the-trainer sessions for public library staff to enhance their skills in evaluating and locating reliable health information.

Technology Enhancement

Purchase adaptive computer systems at a health center to allow individuals with disabilities access to NLM resources online.

One important thing to point out is that our funding awards can be used to supplement work that you’re already doing. For example, if your institution is currently exploring data management options our Emerging Trends funding could be used to help offset some of the salary costs involved or to expand the reach of the program you are developing.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our office with any questions: or 319-353-4479.

As our Associate Director, Liz Kiscaden, likes to say: Please, take our money!

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Retiring Archivist’s Donation to Help Preserve Gundersen History

Submitted by Melinda Orebaugh, Director, Library & Patient Education Services, Gundersen Health System, La Crosse, WI

NOTE: Kay Wagner is a former Midwest Chapter president.

With a generous donation from Kay Cimpl Wagner, archivist at Gundersen Health System in La Crosse, Wis., and her husband Larry, Gundersen Medical Foundation has established the Kathleen ‘Kay’ Cimpl Wagner, MLS, Historical Preservation Fund. Their gift to establish the fund, along with ongoing donations, will also name the archivist position after Wagner’s retirement.

“Kay has contributed to Gundersen in countless ways. Most recently, as a dedicated archivist, she has helped shape and advance the Gundersen archives,” states Sara Gundersen Battison, MLS, CFRE, director, Development, Gundersen Medical Foundation. “Thanks to the new fund created through Kay and Larry’s generosity, important preservation projects will continue and there will be improved access to Gundersen’s history for generations to come.”

Wagner worked at Gundersen as the medical library director from 1985-1999. Because of her experience at Gundersen, in 2013, Wagner was asked if she would work with retired Gundersen cardiac surgeon and Gundersen Medical Foundation vice president, A. Erik Gundersen, MD, on a special short-term project.

Wagner recalls, “Our project was to sort through an off-site storage facility with decades’ worth of accumulation. What we found was a treasure trove of Gundersen history. We spent nearly a year going through every paper, photo and object determining the historical significance to Gundersen. We also developed policies for proper acceptance for donations so items no longer accumulate in a storage facility.”

At the start of the project, Wagner was a volunteer but it soon became clear that her talents were needed beyond the initial project. So in 2015, the Foundation hired Kay as a part-time archivist. In this role, Kay has continued to inventory, preserve and catalog things of historical significance to Gundersen.

“One of the most interesting finds was a cache of letters from the 1800s written by Adolf Gundersen, MD. We are having them translated and digitized,” Wagner explains. “Eventually, the entire collection of objects, pictures, publications and more will be digitized for online access. In addition, the archives and archivist will have a presence in the Mooney Library on the Gundersen La Crosse Campus.”

Wagner also embarked on an oral history project where she is interviewing people who helped shaped Gundersen.

Wagner will be retiring soon, but she’s only laid the groundwork and strategic plan for the future. That’s why the Wagners established this new fund to ensure the ongoing work of an archivist at Gundersen.

She notes, “I’m honored to be building the Gundersen legacy. It wouldn’t be possible without the commitment of the Foundation and the Gundersen Health Sciences Library.”

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Ramblings from the Representative-at-Large

Submitted by Patty Lunsford, Representative-at-Large, Franciscan St. Elizabeth Health, Lafayette, Crawfordsville, and Rensselaer, Indiana

“The State Liaisons Committee shall serve as a conduit for communication between the chapter and state health sciences library associations, local library groups and library science educational programs. It shall serve as a mechanism for chapter officers and committees to distribute information and receive feedback at the state and local level.”

 Several years ago at an annual meeting of a regional library organization, which brought together, several for the first time, colleagues of several states, one of the “ice-breaker” activities in the Introductions part of the agenda was to describe what we would be doing, or in which profession we would be spending our work lives, if we were not librarians or members of the information sciences profession.

An enlightening, and often hilarious, round of communication ensued—in the group of approximately twenty folks, there were twenty distinct responses—all of professions or work or dreams which completely diverged from the somewhat stereotypical perceptions we tend to create—whether we have known folks for years, or are meeting them for the first time.

Who could have imagined that the Dean of Libraries (this is a fictitious scenario) of a major research institution originally aspired to become a professional chef, or that another member of the group majored in Music Performance with hopes of becoming an opera performer… the aspirations were as diverse and varied as the world itself.

Pondering the more serious aspect of this ice-breaker activity, several realizations –which are likely familiar to us all—wove through my mind—first, that the library and information sciences professions are all-encompassing and welcoming, and they beckon folks from nearly every area of interest, talent or aspiration, and college major—and also that most of us who found our way into the library /information sciences professions were, and are, inspired by the desire to serve, to teach, to share information not only locally, but globally—and to make a positive impact  in the world and on the quality of human life.

Moreover, when you respond, in another realm, to the familiar ice-breaker question:  “Why did you become a librarian/information scientist…?” you are NOT likely to hear “…because I could not go to chef’s training…” or a similar response; you will hear more about one’s desire to teach (I always regarded becoming a reference or outreach librarian as a way to become a teacher without having to create lesson plans or work in a classroom), to impart knowledge, to broaden one’s approach to the world, to enhance access to information, to  become an engineer of human interactions and intelligence, to make medical and scientific languages tangible…

In essence we entered the library and information sciences professions for a dozen reasons of WHY, but likely no real reasons of why not! And for those of us who have been in our work world for more than a few decades, our work methods and techniques, instruments, environments, procedures, and policies have likely changed significantly (HOW did we pre-1980’s graduates get through Library school without computers and databases)?

But our universal missions, whether we are newly graduated or veterans of our profession, have been, and remain—that of outstanding service, preserving the history of humankind and cultures, and seeking to bring the world and the love of learning to our patrons of every profession and age and path in life.

As your Representative-at-Large, one of my responsibilities and “joys of this work” is to communicate with our State Representatives and Presidents—and all of our members, actually—and to encourage all of us to share various questions and situations which arise—either as a presented question or issue or challenge…please—share with us all experiences of this kind—how you have planned, gotten the job done, what worked and what did not, and how you coped…and succeeded.

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New Member Profiles

Submitted by Mary Taylor, AHIP, Morris Library, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL 

Photo of new member Sarah Benitez

Sarah Benitez

Sarah Benitez is the Senior Information Research Specialist (SIRS) in the Knowledge Management Services department at Munson Healthcare. She is responsible for knowledge-based research services, technical services, and information literacy instruction. Sarah received her MLIS degree from Wayne State University in 2013. This Buffalo, NY native now lives in Traverse City, MI.

Photo of new member Caroline Gilson

Caroline Gilson

Caroline Gilson Associate Dean of Public Services, Science Librarian and Interim U.S. Federal Depository Library Coordinator at the DePauw University Library. She states that “as Associate Dean of Public Services, I oversee the Access Services area at our main library as well as the librarian that manages our instruction program. I also oversee the two branch libraries (Music and Science). This year our gov docs librarian retired, so I am also interim U.S. Federal Depository Library Coordinator.  We are a partial US federal document depository.” Caroline has been at DePauw for 16 years, where she started as Science Librarian. She has assumed management roles over the years. In the past two years DePauw added a Global Health major and she now provides support to those students and courses. Caroline has a degree in Religion from Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC. She earned a Masters in Liberal Studies from Wake Forest University in 1996. She received her MLS from IU Bloomington in December, 1997. She adds, “I have a son who is 12, so we started playing Pokemon Go this summer.  That’s been a fun learning experience.  I also like to cook and I’m always in search of a new recipe to try.  I listen to several podcasts on pop culture and technology and I enjoy learning about new tech innovations.”

Lisa Habegger is a Staff Librarian in the Medical Library of the Community Health Network in Indianapolis, IN. She provides reference and research services for the staff, and assists with the daily operations of the library. She has earned a MLS from Indiana University and also a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Lisa is also an artist, and primarily works with painting and drawing media. She adds, “I have worked in a variety of library positions, from being a Young Adult and Adult Reference librarian in public libraries, academic work, and most recently as the director of nonprofit special library.  I am excited for the opportunity to now work in the medical library field.”

Rosie Hanneke is an Assistant Professor & Information Services/Liaison Librarian at the University of Illinois-Chicago’s Library of the Health Sciences-Chicago. She is the liaison to the School of Public Health and provides reference and instruction sessions. Her professional interests include literature review methodology, including systematic reviews; information needs of public health faculty, students, & other researchers; and information literacy instruction. This St. Louis, Missouri native received her undergraduate degree in Romance Languages & Literature (French) from the University of Chicago, and her MLS from the University of Maryland.

Photo of new member Krista Lilly

Krista Lilly

Krista Lilly is a Map Terminologist for SNOMED International. She creates and maintains maps from the SNOMED CT terminology to classifications. She is interested in “ontologies, classification, and terminologies and the use of description logic and analytics to improve healthcare. I love the business side of medicine.” Krista has an undergraduate degree in Health Information Management from Macon State College in Georgia. She is a student at the University of Kentucky School of Information and is concentrating on Knowledge Representation. Krista says that she lives with her “high-school-sweetheart husband … on a small farm in western Kentucky.”

Amy McCoy is a Librarian II at Battelle in Columbus, OH. She is responsible for marketing, outreach, and research. Her job also includes “most public service functions, reference, and some technical service functions.” Her professional interests include R & D, biomedical, and health information, and assessment for marketing and planning purposes. She has an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Reed College, and received her MLIS from Kent State University in 2011. Amy’s personal hobbies and interests include knitting and crochet, music, theology, languages, and cooking. She adds, “I have worked in most aspects of technical as well as public services in small and large organizations within special, legal, and higher education contexts. So, I am excited to pursue another information specialization, especially within such an active and vibrant professional organization.”

Jonna Peterson is Senior Clinical Informationist at Galter Health Sciences Library, Northwestern University. She is responsible for establishing and developing the Clinical Informationist Program at the Library. She also collaborates with faculty, students and staff affiliated with the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University to provide assistance with systematic reviews and other research projects. She adds, “I also teach workshops on various health sciences databases.  In conjunction with the librarians at the UIC-Health Sciences Library, I also serve as a host to one half of an academic health sciences practicum program.  Our program is for current students or recent graduates of library programs with an interest in academic health sciences librarianship.” Jonna earned an undergraduate degree in Biology and Chemistry from Dominican University. She completed her Master of Library and Information Science degree, also from Dominican, in 2003. Jonna is in her 19th year of volunteering at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.  She states, “Currently, I work with our collection of stingrays and sharks doing food preparation, feeding, and other tasks.  It’s messy and usually smelly, but I love it!”

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Announcements, Promotions, and Transitions

Tiffney Gipson was appointed Head of Collections at the Kornhauser Health Sciences Library, University of Louisville Libraries on July 1, 2017.

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For the Record


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