President’s Message

Submitted by Karen L. Hanus, Midwest Chapter/MLA President 2018

Hello, Midwest Chapter/MLA! I hope you are looking forward to spring and enjoying milder temperatures wherever you are!

As was discussed at the Business Meeting last fall, our recent financial difficulties led us to start new initiatives to raise money to be able to continue offering scholarship and awards. Over the last few years, we have carried out fundraising activities in conjunction with our annual meetings including a 50/50 raffle, silent auction, and the selection of our very own “critter!” The activities have been so successful that we’ve decided to go forward and officially create a fundraising committee as a standing committee of the Midwest Chapter/MLA. The board has approved the charge and the first official committee will be appointed this fall during the normal committee appointment process. We currently have an ad hoc committee working on fundraising activities to be held in conjunction with the 2018 meeting. The committee is led by Edith Starbuck and I want to thank her for her leadership and special efforts on these activities.

It will soon be time to apply for scholarships and awards offered by the Midwest Chapter/MLA. This year we will be offering:

• An annual meeting grant to support the attendance of librarians and library staff at the Chapter’s Annual meeting
• A first-time attendee annual meeting grant
• A student annual meeting grant
• The Jean Williams Sayre Innovation award
• The Distinguished Librarian of the Year award

This is a great opportunity to apply for funding to attend our annual meeting or to nominate yourself or someone else for an outstanding achievement in our field. We’d love to have nominees for all the awards this year!

Have a happy spring!

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2018 Midwest Chapter/MLA Awards and Scholarships Committee

Article submitted by Anna Beth Morgan, AHIP, Chair of the Midwest Chapter’s Awards and Scholarships Committee

Shhhhhhh….Did you know there is a secret about awards, grants and scholarships?

Yes, there is a secret about awards, grants and scholarships. Many people think there are lots of people applying for recognition given by professional associations. That may be true in some professions but, it is not true in the library and information professions. I have served on Honors, Awards and Scholarships Committees in professional library organizations at the local, chapter and national levels. The real truth is that few people apply for awards, grants and scholarships. There are often very few applicants or nominees too frequently none at all. Seriously…. most awards, grants and scholarships are not competitively pursued by those who are qualified. And, only a few professionals nominate their colleagues for recognition of work well done. This is a shame, especially when we know colleagues who deserve some recognition for their accomplishments.

Let’s change the secret for the Midwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association. Year 2018 is the right time to give the Midwest Chapter’s Awards and Scholarships Committee plenty of applications and nominations to evaluate. You have a great committee this year with wonderful members: Abigail Goben, Matt Hoy, Anna Beth Morgan, Merle Rosenzweig and Eileen Severson. Put us to work for you, the Midwest Chapter membership. Apply grants and nominate colleagues for awards.

For 2018, the following Midwest Chapter awards and grants will be available:

· Annual Meeting Grant

· First-Time Attendee Annual Meeting Grant

· Student Annual Meeting Grant

· Distinguished Librarian of the Year Award

· Jean Williams Sayre Innovation Award

For more information about each award and grant, please visit the chapter’s Awards page to learn more and submit nominations for awards and applications for grants. If you need further assistance, please contact Anna Beth Morgan at

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News From Mount Carmel Health Sciences Library

Submitted by Noreen Mulcahy, Lead Health Sciences Librarian, Mount Carmel Health Sciences Library, Columbus, OH

Noreen Mulcahy published a review of BrowZine in the January 2018 edition of Doody’s Collection Development Monthly. BrowZine is a journal engagement platform that allows users to connect to a library’s electronic journal collection via the web or by using iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

Noreen Mulcahy received the Chamya Kincy Memorial Travel Grant from the Technical Services Section of the Medical Library Association in order to attend the MLA 18 Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA.

Don Pearson published the following article: A social media Roadmap—Tips on developing a content marketing plan for a hospital library. Journal of Hospital Librarianship, 1-10.
Don Pearson has volunteered to become the Ohio representative to the Greater Midwest Chapter Emergency Preparedness Working Group, headed up by Jacqueline Leskovec.

Don Pearson moved from Provisional to Senior Member of the Academy of Health Information Professionals (AHIP).

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Ramblings from the Representative-at-Large

Coming soon!

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New Member Profiles

New Members’ Profiles February 2018

Kaitlyn Humphrey is a Library Assistant at the Mount Carmel System’s Health Sciences Library. She is responsible for Circulation and Interlibrary Loan, and states “I love working with interlibrary loan as well as with our work study students.” Her undergraduate degree in Spanish Language and Culture is from Marietta College in Marietta, OH. She minored in Latin American Studies and also has a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Kaitlyn earned her MLIS from Kent State University in 2016. She knits and does cross stitch, and says she loves “giving people I care about handmade gifts.”

David Lahr is Regional Account Manager in McGraw Hill’s Medical/Professional Group and works with many medical libraries in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Kansas. His main responsibilities include support and sales of the Access Medicine suite of products, including learning videos, self-assessments, textbooks, and eBooks at the point of care, in the states that he covers. He previously worked for Healthland which sold and implemented electronic medical records in community and specialty hospitals. David has a BS in Speech Communication from St. Cloud State University. He works with foster kids, has a hobby farm with an apple orchard, and is a men’s ministry group leader. His interests include cutting firewood and Frisbee golf.


Rebecca Morgan is Clinical Librarian/Hospital Librarian at the University of Louisville Hospital’s Rowntree Library and Kornhauser Health Sciences Library at the University of Louisville. She works with patrons of the Rowntree Library and supports faculty, staff, and students in the University of Louisville’s School of Nursing. She states that “I primarily work with nursing students at the University and nursing and allied health staff at the Hospital, so I’m very interested in nursing information and nursing education. I’m also beginning to learn more about research data management.” This Broomall, PA, native has an undergraduate degree in Art History and Art Conservation from the University of Delaware. She received her MLIS from Drexel University in 2008. Her interests and hobbies include reading (“big surprise!”), hiking, kayaking, board games, needlework, and knitting. She adds, “I spent 8 years in working in a Department of Defense agency’s library in the DC area and only switched to medical librarianship a year and a half ago. It’s been great so far!”

Laura Pontillo

Laura Pontillo is Library Coordinator at the American Dental Association’s Library and Archives. She manages resource sharing services, provides reference and research for ADA members and staff, and performs administrative duties, including budget reconciliation, interlibrary loan usage analysis, meeting minutes, etc. Her professional interests include “dental librarianship and all things interlibrary loan!” Laura has an undergraduate degree in Journalism and English from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and has just been accepted into the University of Illinois School of Information Sciences’ Leep program. She states, “I’ve been working in academic and special libraries at various levels for 10 years. It’s about time I applied to library school.” This Neenah, WI native interests include “playing tennis, keeping up with current events, enjoying music and independent films, and badly playing guitar.”

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Announcements, Promotions, and Transitions

Amy Donahue, MLIS, AHIP, will be graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Master of Genetic Counseling Studies program on May 11th, and starting a position as a genetic counselor at the Medical College of Wisconsin in June.

Congratulations Amy!!

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For the Record – Upcoming MLA poster!

Amy Donahue will be presenting a poster at MLA ’18. Check out the details below!

Another Genome Project: Medical Library Services for Genetic Counselors and Genetic Counseling Students

Monday, May 21 2:30 PM – 3:25 PM

Objectives: To determine services and resources medical libraries currently provide to genetic counselors and genetic counseling students. The goal of this research is to explore how medical libraries meet the information needs of the genetic counseling profession and to begin to elucidate any gaps between needs and existing resources in the era of clinical genomic medicine and precision medicine.

Methods: Representatives of medical libraries were invited in fall 2017 via MLA & National Network of Libraries of Medicine listservs to take an online survey developed by the authors. The IRB exempt Qualtrics survey collected library demographic information (including region, setting, staffing size, etc.), qualitative and quantitative information about services provided to genetic counselors and/or genetic counseling students, and whether specific resources are made available through the library.

Results: There were 27 responses, representing libraries across the United States and beyond in academic medical centers, teaching hospitals, multi-hospital systems, and additional specialized academic and medical settings. Fifteen respondents indicated their setting employed genetic counselors; 7 indicated that their setting is affiliated with a genetic counseling (GC) training program (of these, three indicated both). Eight respondents, with either no or unknown GC program affiliation, had no employed genetic counselors. Of the 19 responses from settings employing genetic counselors and/or affiliated with a GC program, 9 respondents said that they do not provide genetic counseling-specific library services. When services were provided (n=10), the most common was literature searching (n=8), followed by specific resource purchases/subscriptions (n=7). Four respondents indicated a dedicated genetic counseling liaison librarian, and three had developed a genetic counseling subject guide or other resource list. While over 80% indicated providing access to both genetics resources such as ClinVar and Genetics Home Reference and general medical resources such as PubMed, UpToDate, and medical journals (e.g. NEJM), less than half of all 27 respondents indicated they provide access to the American Journal of Medical Genetics, the Journal of Genetic Counseling, or the books Desk Reference: Clinical Genetics & Genomics and A Guide to Genetic Counseling.

Conclusions: Genetic counseling is a specialized and rapidly growing medical profession: there are currently over 4,000 board certified genetic counselors and 39 training programs in the United States. The results of this survey, while representing a small number of medical libraries, demonstrate a substantial opportunity for library and information services targeted to both practicing genetic counselors and genetic counseling students.

Keywords: genetic counseling, genetics, library services, library resources

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Fall 2017 Issue, Number 146

Submitted by Jennifer Herron, MIDLINE Editor

Greetings and welcome to the Fall 2017 issue of MIDLINE! Abby Thorne has passed the torch as editor for MIDLINE and I will be taking over.  Please accept my apologies in advance for any bumps encountered. I would like to give a big THANK YOU to Abby for her time as editor and help as I take over.

Since the last issue, the chapter held its annual meeting in a joint venture with the Michigan Health Sciences Libraries Association. The meeting, held in Ypsilanti, Michigan, was a great success with wonderful presentations and events. (Check out the flickr albums to see for yourself 🙂 ) The scholarship fundraiser raised over $1000 and the owl won the vote as the Chapter ‘Critter’. Get ready to Shake, Rattle, and Roll in Cleveland for next year!

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President’s Message

Submitted by Karen L. Hanus, Midwest Chapter/MLA President 2018

Hello, Midwest Chapter/MLA! I’m pleased to serve as the President of the Midwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association this year. I hope to make a lot of new connections with you as we collaborate in different ways. Please feel free to contact me at if you have any concerns or suggestions for our association!

I want to thank the planners of the 2017 Annual Meeting in Ypsilanti, MI. I always think of planning an annual meeting like a Thanksgiving dinner which takes days of planning and preparation usually by one or two people and it’s consumed in 30 minutes by a hungry crowd. Similarly, planning an annual meeting is a big job and takes months for a few days of programming. But, the preparation and planning on the part of a small number of dedicated people resulted in a wonderful experience for dozens of people at the event! So, thank you for your time and energy in planning our conference!

And speaking of Annual Meetings, I’d like to bring to your attention some changes that we’ll be working on in the upcoming year related to meeting planning. A special committee charged with studying the planning of the chapter’s annual meetings has recommended changes to our current practices. Currently, annual meetings are largely planned by persons in the host city or state. We’ll be transitioning away from that model and toward a model where much of the planning and execution will be carried out by standing Midwest Chapter/MLA committees. The first conference to be planned under the new model will be the 2019 meeting in Milwaukee, WI. I will be working with our standing Annual Meetings Committee and the board and committee chairs to restructure our committees to accommodate these changes. Thank you all for your support and help as we carry out this initiative. And thanks to the special Annual Meetings Committee members, Clare Liebfarth and Bette Sydelko (co-chairs), Deb Lauseng, and Liz Fine Weinfurter, for their thoughtful consideration and creative ideas.

On one last annual meeting note, budget time is just around the corner for many of us. Don’t forget to budget for attendance at the Midwest Chapter/MLA annual meeting October 5-8, 2018 in Cleveland, OH. I hope to Shake, Rattle, and Roll together with all of you!

Have a healthy and prosperous 2018!

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