Which Blogs to Read?

This week’s LISNews 10 Blogs To Read In 2008 has some good recommendations of blogs which you, as a librarian, might be interested in reading. I subscribe to about half of these in my aggregator. How about you?
Today is a slow one down here in the hospital basement. So I blocked out about an hour to look through my non-library Bloglines feeds. Some of them have a ginormous number of un-read new feeds. So many feeds, so little time! I snagged this interesting interview with the author of Presentation Zen from Guy Kawasaki over at How to Change the World. I need all the presentation assistance I can get. I usually give presentations to the medical students and interns for their noon lecture. They have all been up since well before dawn and have just eaten lunch. And invariably during the lecture one or two of them will actually fall asleep. Hard to imagine that they could be bored by a presentation about PubMed LinkOut…
And speaking of Web 2.0, have you seen Kawasaki’s exercise in citizen journalism, Truemors?

Survey of Librarian Blog Readers

Yesterday, your intrepid chapter blog editor took the Survey of Health Sciences Librarian Blog Readers for Marcus Banks. Although I realize that I monitor and read quite a few librarian blogs, answering the survey questions was a revelation to me. I read A LOT of librarian blogs. There are over 50 blogs written by librarians or published by libraries in my Bloglines feeds. Why? How else could a solo hospital librarian keep up with our rapidly changing profession? I’m always looking for ways to improve services to my library clients. Aren’t you? I’m really interested in the results of the survey…perhaps I should go to Las Vegas for the meeting myself!
And here is where I confess that there are a number of blogs that I monitor just for fun. There’s Cute Overload, Neatorama, and ever useful, The Generator Blog.