Bring your own conference bag!

To keep registration costs down, and since the last thing any of us need is another tote bag, we’ll be providing your conference materials in a lovely folder. So, bring along your favorite conference bag to hold all your stuff! Exhibit extra awesomeness by using one from one of the previous Midwest Chapter meetings in Minnesota!

What bag are YOU going to bring?

This Fall’s Executive Board Meeting

Update: The Executive Board meeting agenda and reports are now available for your review on the chapter website here.

Each year the Executive Board of the Midwest Chapter/MLA kicks off the annual conference activities, holding their fall meeting on the Friday before the conference begins. President Janna Lawrence has been hard at work for the last several weeks working with the board members, compiling their reports and drafting the agenda for the board meeting. I’ve seen the agenda and it is jam-packed. This year the board will be meeting on Friday, October 5 in the Legion Suite at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, MN from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. Yes, that does seem like a long meeting, but in my experience the time just flies! The Midwest Chapter is one busy association, working hard to benefit the chapter members. The board will be wrapping up a productive membership year under Janna’s leadership and charting out the year ahead during which now President-Elect Kathy Schilling will be at the helm.

ALL Midwest Chapter/MLA members are welcome to attend the Executive Board meetings. If you would like to attend the Executive Board meeting next week, R.S.V.P. to President Janna Lawrence!

Attend the Advocacy Open Forum

The Professional Practice Committee invites everyone to attend the ADVOCACY OPEN FORUM on Sunday, October 7th at 8:00 am. This will be your opportunity to talk to members of the Professional Practice Committee and other chapter members about what the chapter could be doing to advocate on behalf of librarians and libraries. Join in on the discussion to help strengthen and leverage the support of the Chapter!

The Goose is Loose in Rochester!

Thousands of Giant Canada Geese have flocked to Rochester, Minn. for the past 60 years. Once thought to be extinct, Giant Canada Geese were re-discovered in 1961 at Rochester’s Silver Lake Park.

The goose is a sort of unofficial symbol of Rochester. It adorns Rochester’s city flag, serves as the namesake for a local restaurant (Canadian Honker) and our minor league baseball team (Honkers).

In 2009, they were buy tramadol rx online immortalized with 18 4-foot, 550 lb. resin sculptures placed in public locales throughout the city.

With the support of the Rochester Arts Council, the City of Rochester, and the Carl and Verna Schmidt Foundation, local and regional artists have decorated the geese sculptures with paint, collage-art, mosaic tiles, and other embellishments as part of the “Goose is Loose” project.

You can find a map of where they are located at: