Professional Practice Committee

The Professional Practice Committee will promote positive professional practices among the members of the Midwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association (MLA). This will be accomplished via activities related to assessment, mentoring, marketing, and promotion; continuing education opportunities; research; advocacy of health sciences libraries and its professional information staff; and the development or dissemination of credentialing information.

The Professional Practice Committee will serve as a conduit between the Medical Library Association and its Midwest Chapter’s members regarding continuing education and credentialing activities. Assistance will also be provided to Midwest MLA Conference Coordinators for continuing education programs and planning.

The Committee will make recommendations to the Midwest MLA Executive Board on all policies relating to professional practice. The Committee is responsible for documenting professional practice policies and procedures on the Chapter website and in other relevant publications. The Committee Chair will prepare and submit a report to each Executive Board meeting. The Chair will also submit appropriate documentation for the Committee’s activities and reports to the Chapter Archives.

The Professional Practice Committee shall consist of at least four Midwest Chapter MLA members who are appointed to serve a two-year term by the Chapter President. The Committee Chair and one member must be appointed in odd-numbered years; two members must be appointed in even numbered years.

A member of the Committee will be appointed by the Committee Chair to serve as the liaison to the MLA Continuing Education. A different Committee member will be appointed to serve as liaison to the MLA Credentialing Committee. Other members may be appointed to serve as an MLA liaison as appropriate.

Current Committee Members:

Dawn Hackman, Chair (2020-2021)
Brenda Fay, Member (2020-2021)
Eileen Severson, Member (2020-2021)
Bette Sydelko, Member (2020-2021)
Mary K Taylor, Member (2020-2021)
Jennie E Ver Steeg, Member (2020-2021)