2012 Midwest Chapter Election Report

Here is the announcement from the Midwest Chapter/MLA Nominations and Elections Committee that you’ve all been waiting for!

Please join us in offering CONGRATULATIONS! to our incoming chapter officers:

  • Elizabeth Fine Weinfurter, President-Elect
  • Katherine Chew, Membership Secretary
  • Nadia Lalla, Representative-at-Large
  • Bette Sydelko, Representative to the MLA Chapter Council
  • Karen Hanus, Alternate Representative to the MLA Chapter Council
  • Pamela Bradigan, Potential Candidate for Membership on the MLA Nominating Committee

The committee would like to thank Mary Hitchcock, Jere Odell, Travis Schulz, and Nancy O’Brien for participating in the election as candidates.

Thank you to all of our chapter members who voted this year. We had a nearly 50% voter turnout!

Your 2012 Midwest Chapter/MLA Nominations and Elections Committee,

Clare Leibfarth, Chair
Deborah Lauseng
Mary Markland
Mary K. Taylor

MLA Election Results: The Midwest Represents!

After this year’s MLA Election, we have very outstanding people serving in positions of national leadership.  And a good number come from our very own chapter!  Please join me in congratulating our fellow Midwest Chapter Members!

President Elect:

  • Jane L. Blumenthal, AHIP, Director, Taubman Health Sciences Libraries, University of Michigan–Ann Arbor

MLA Board of Directors (2011-2014):

  • Michelle Kraft, AHIP, Senior Medical Librarian, Alumni Library, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH

Nominating Committee:

  • Melissa Rethlefsen, AHIP
  • (as well as Peg Allen, good friend of the Midwest Chapter!)

November is…

Quite a lot of things, actually. From HealthFinder.gov:

On a lighter note, from Wikipedia, it’s also:

  • National Pomegranate Month (no links better than the eHow site were popping up, but you get the idea!)

    Pomegranate with seeds
    photo by JOE MARINARO, available under a Creative Commons Attribution license.
  • Movember (perhaps of interest to health sciences librarians: it is a month where men grow moustaches as a promotional and fundraising activity for men’s health issues!)

So what do all these causes have in common?  The same thing any cause that picks a month/week/day to celebrate and raise awareness: they’re promoting and advocating for their issues.  Unfortunately, National Medical Librarians’ Month in October had to give way to all these other important groups, but November is worth calling out for one BIG reason: elections!

Here in the Midwest, the midterm election brought a lot of change, and what that means for us in both our professional and personal lives is for the pundits to discuss.  I would just like to point out that with the changing of the guard, there are going to be a lot of new people who need to hear about the issues close to our hearts in the medical and health sciences information arena!  Consider this my call for us all to use the wonderful resources below to contact our state and national government representatives, or to write letters to local newspapers (you could also promote some of the causes above, maybe earning some brownie points…):

You can write a letter at any time of the year, but November, with its important disease awareness raising, pomegranates and moustaches, not to mention its election, seems like a particularly opportune time, don’t you think?

If you do write a letter or otherwise forward the medical librarian cause, we’d love to hear about it in the comments!

(and one last thing: MLA’s elections are happening right now!  be part of the process, and vote!  –note, this is the electronic ballot link and requires your login credentials.)