Board Meeting Bullet Points

This afternoon President Elaine Skopelja guided us skillfully through a jam-packed Midwest Chapter Executive Board agenda. The meeting was well attended. Several people attended the meeting online as well.

Here are just some of the highlights from my notes:

  • Chapter membership is up to nearly 400 members, including 53 new members and 30 student members. Most members have used Acteva to join/renew. The Membership Committee will be sending postcards to all MLA members in the chapter states inviting them to join the chapter.
  • The 2012 chapter conference will be held October 5-9 in Rochester, Minnesota.
  • The chapter archives organization project has been completed. The finding aid will be posted on the UIC website. Mary Hitchcock and Kevin O’Brien will be presenting a poster about the project at this conference.
  • The Awards & Scholarships Committee will be working on some changes to the Distinguished Librarian award so that the award will specifically recognize special service to the Midwest Chapter. There will also be some clarification of the conference scholarships requirements.
  • All of the newly elected officers were in attendance. The e-election went smoothly. 34% of the membership voted. Next year some additional information will be included in the candidate bio information.
  • The board directed the Professional Development Committee and the incoming president (that’s me) to write a letter to MLA supporting renewal of AHIP credentialing for health sciences librarians who have been reassigned roles with little or no health sciences emphasis.
  • The planned Membership and Communications surveys will be combined into a single comprehensive survey of chapter membership needs and services.
  • The Membership Committee will be developing guidelines for a new Emeritus membership category. Adding another membership category will require a change to the bylaws. The committee will also consider the possibility of conferral of honorary membership.
  • The board will try using Adobe Connect for remote attendance at board meetings as well as for committee meetings. There have been some issues with DimDim. The chapter will be purchasing some better quality video equipment for use at board meetings.
  • A new Advocacy Special Committee, chaired by Denise Rumschlag, will be appointed with a charge to advocate for medical librarians and libraries, both hospital and academic. This committee is essentially a continuation of the GMR RAC Advocacy Committee. Some of the special committee’s efforts might be eligible for funding through some of the GMR’s award programs.
  • The Executive Board concluded its business by approving the 2011 budget including funding for the new initiatives discussed above.

After the Executive Board meeting, chapter board members joined the WHSLA board members for an enjoyable dinner at the Top of the Park on the top floor of the hotel. Beautiful view!