NCBI ROFL: A Way to Beat the Winter Doldrums

The Midwest is known for many things: we live in “America’s Heartland,” many of us live in the “Rust Belt” or “Tornado Alley,” and we may have the most diverse crappy weather of the nation. I will admit it; I am not a fan of winter after December. The gray snow matches the dreary sky and despite longer days, I often forget what sunshine feels like.

So here’s my cure to help with those winter doldrums—ridiculous PubMed entries.

One of my favorite blogs is NCBI ROFL, which was recently incorporated into Discover’s DiscoBlog. NCBI ROFL consists of “two prone-to-distraction grad students [that] post real scientific articles with funny subjects.” Here are a few of my favorite PubMed entries, but I highly recommend this site to anyone who needs a reminder that doctors have a sense of humor and medicine can be downright silly (just try to forget that our taxes may have gone into funding the studies)