The New MIDLINE and More

Have you seen the new look for MIDLINE? Especial expressions of gratitude go to our webmaster Allan Barclay and MIDLINE Editor Elizabeth Smigielski for getting the Midwest Chapter’s flagship publication re-launched! The intrepid publications crew hopes you like the cleaner simpler look which harkens back to the style of the paper MIDLINE of old.

And speaking of things new, you will have noticed that the header up there on the top of this blog has been changed for the duration of our upcoming conference blog coverage. Doesn’t Madison look cool at sunset? Your intrepid blog editor is getting things all lined up to bring you the fantastic conference news coverage you have come to expect on ConnectMidwest. If YOU are planning to attend the 2010 Midwest Chapter/MLA & WHSLA Conference please consider joining our crack blogging team! Posting to the blog is fun and easy with our new WordPress publication software. Your intrepid blog editor will set you up with a WordPress account, give you a quick lesson, and you will be on your way to being a blogger before you know it.

If you are interested in blogging about the conference, just drop me an e-mail: cleibfar AT kent DOT edu