Time = Money

Hopefully by now we’ve all seen the great Time=Money poster created and made available to us by the lovely folk at the GMR (check out the “Promoting Your Library” page for more!).  It was love at first sight for me at the Midwest Chapter Conference…

The reason I bring this up is that the concept that time is valuable has popped up in a couple places on my internet reading, and in places that could be important for us (as medical librarians trying to save our users’ time) to know about!

The first, a note in InsideHigherEd that briefly discussed “Peer Review by Twitter“, was sent to me by our current president and former ConnectMidwest Editor Clare Leibfarth (thanks, Clare!).  The article it discusses is available from NatureNews: “Peer Review: Trial by Twitter“.  Although it seems to conclude that changes to pre- and post-publication peer review aren’t happening that rapidly yet, it does imply that within the more closed world of biological research (as opposed to math & physics, where open communication has been taking place for decades on arXiv.org), faster communication channels might be changing the game.

The folks over at PubGet, the “search engine for life sciences PDFs”, also had some interesting thoughts to share on time, specifically  “Musings from the CEO: Why fast search is my mission“.  He talks about the time PubGet saves, but the general gist is that creating a tool that increases efficiency can have enormous value.  And nearly instant access to whatever it is that you need is therefore a Very Big Deal!  I’m thinking that’s probably not new or exciting information for us librarians (we know time=money, and that we can help our users save it!), but it bears repeating.

So, two other places talking about saving *our* users’ time.   Have you seen or heard anything else lately in this realm?  Because one of the ways we can keep making sure we are saving time is by staying on top of the tools and changes that can help us do so! 🙂