Continuing Education

Librarian to the Rescue! Serving your emergency management team’s information needs before, during, and after a disaster.

Instructor: Teri Hartman

Cost: Included with the cost of your meeting registration

This course is a one-hour online course conducted via Zoom software that will build on skills gain in the NLM Disaster Health course, Information Roles in Disaster Management. It is designed for library staff members interested in learning more about supporting emergency management at their institution. Attendees will participate in break out sessions featuring small group work.

Attendees will use case studies to identify information needs of emergency management teams and identify specific methods that their library could use to serve those needs.

About Teri Hartman:
Teresa “Teri” Hartman, MLS, is an associate professor in Education and Research Services at the McGoogan Library of Medicine, University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), Omaha, NE. She leads the Planning Section of the UNMC Incident Command. She shares emergency management, public health, and medical education information on Twitter: @thartman2u.