Meet the Conference Exhibitors
The Midwest and Midcontinental MLA want to thank the following exhibitors attending the virtual conference. Please check back shortly for the best way to contact them during the conference.

American Academy of Pediatrics

Midwest Representative: Amy Bleich
Midcontinental Representative: Krissy Lavery

Video from the American Academy of Pediatrics
– AAP EJC information
– AAP e-book collections information
– AAP Pediatric Care Online flyer
– 2021 Subscription Guide

American Psychological Association

– For information about APA PsycTherapy click here


Midwest and Midcontinental Representative: Mary Anne Reilly

Further information about BMJ products:
BMJ General Information and Raffle
– BMJ covid-19 response video
– BMJ covid-19 hub
BMJ Best Practice
Open Access at BMJ
BMJ Case Reports
BMJ Best Practice product enhancements
BMJ 2021 Journals
BMJ Premier Collection


Colorado, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming Representative: Angie Biesterfeld
Kansas, Missouri, and Indiana Representantive: Lori Winter
Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin Representative: Michael Reilly
Kentucky and Ohio Representative: Nicole Capriotti
Michigan Representative: Seth Pierce

– For more information about EBSCO Health view this video.


Midwest and Midcontinental Representatives:
Janice Kaczmarek
Anne Wert
Lisa Haskell

Further information about ECRI:
– ECRI Guidelines Trust Search & Citations Export Feature Tips video
– ECRI Guidelines Trust Data Sheet
How to Register for ECRI Guidelines Trust
– ECRI Guidelines Trust Advance Features

Elsevier Digital Commons

Midwest and Midcontinental Representative: Manisha Wolak

– For More Information on Digital Commons for Hospital & Healthcare Networks

Mathews Medical Books

Midwest and Midcontinental Representative: Ashley White

McGraw Hill

Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky Representative: Tiffany Reiss
Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Kansas, Nebraska Representative: David Lahr
Illinois, Indiana, Michigan Representative: Toya Moore
West/Northwet US & Canada, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming Representative: Ali Shukri

Further information about McGraw Hill Medical products:
-McGraw Hill Video
-MH Medical Virtual White Page
-AccessDermatologyDxRx brochure
-Distance Learning flyer
-ACM Distance Learning flyer

Medical Library Association

Midwest and Midcontinental Representative: Tomi Gunn

Network of the National Library of Medicine

Greater Midwest Region Representative: Derek Johnson

Further information about NNLM:
-View a video from Derek about the GMR

Rittenhouse Book Distributors

Midwest and Midcontinental Representative: Wendy Bahnsen

Further information about Rittenhouse products:
Discover R2 pamphlet

Wolters Kluwer

Midwest Representative: Lavonne Bancroft
Midcontinental Representative: Jon Hagopian

Further information about Wolters Kluwer products:
Latest offerings from Wolters Kluwer
– View a video on Ovid

WT Cox Information Services

Midwest Representative: Tim Whisenant
Midcontinental Representative: Mike Perrine

Further information about WT Cox Information Services:
– CoxNet Info
– WT Cox brochures
Products beyond serials

For questions, contact: Jessica DeCaro, Annual Exhibits Chair jessica.decaro@case.edu.